S/mileage “Ee Ka!?”

Why do I like these silly songs best? Witness the new S/mileage PV, “Ee Ka!?”. You’re going to say that there’s nothing to it. The girls simply dance in an interestingly lit room and pull faces for the camera. I don’t recommend this for every PV, but I think we can allow it here.

“Ee Ka!?” is a strange song. There’s a bit of J-Pop filtered rap over an electric guitar accented groove which people either love or try to ignore. To my ears it sounds like the Spice Girls’s “Spice Up Your Life”. The melodic line builds toward a chorus that practically erupts into double-time. I’m not enthusiastic about the chorus of this song. Thankfully, I really enjoy the way the rhythm of the verses plays against the aforementioned groove. Tsunku even gives us a nice triplet fill to break up the four-four monotony. All of the music is secondary, though. The point here is to make you say “Ee Ka!?” repeatedly until you are stuck.

The strangest thing about this dance is the blocking. Half of the time, the girls just look haphazardly arranged in an awkward line-up.
Looking kinda off, girls.
Sometimes they are spaced nicely, though …

I admit. This is cute.
There’s a little side-to-side shuffle.

Why is Meimi the only one flying?
Take-chan doing her thing. What is her thing, anyways?
Kana’s freshly cut hair looks great and really accents her fun-loving personality.

Something about Dawa bothers me in this PV. She doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the girls. Physically she seems taller, and her long hair sets her apart from the rest of her group mates.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m thankful that Kanon’s hair is back to normal(ish).
Yes, I still like you …I don’t know how to quit you …
Meimi stands out to me again. First of all, she drops it low right in the beginning of the PV. All the girls seem to have tweaked their hair, but none of them are as architecturally as Dracula-chan.

Since we brought up Meimi dropping it, we should mention the outrageously short skirts in this PV. The S/mileage trademark is in full effect in “Ee Ka!?”. And, it’s very obvious that the camera wants to give the viewer a bit of fan service as the camera tracks around the back of the formation as the girls bend and jump giving us a nice view of the girls’ shorts. Which makes sense, since H!P couldn’t even bear to give us real bikinis in a song called “Dot Bikini“.

The skirts might be a deal breaker for some people, but I don’t mind. To me the skirts are comical. I’d much rather fixate on the pink and black leather jacket lapels of the S/mileage outfits.

There are shots of the girls’ midriffs…
There are also passing shots of the girls’ heeled boots.

This is when S/mileage is at their best. No weird concepts. No strange outfits. No melancholy, no yearning. Jam the girls in a brightly colored miniskirt, execute a dance with lots of arm moves, mug for the camera a little lot, and let them GO!

You can buy “Ee Ka!?” at CDJapan


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