Oomori Seiko “Midnight Seijun Isei Kouyuu”

I’ll be blunt and admit that I don’t know much about this one. I think it’s a pretty great song with nice instrumentation. There are some nice retro sounding drums sounds under a shimmering keyboard. There’s also a great digital noise bridge. All of this is great, and I plan on listening to more of Oomori Seiko; but I really picked this song up for other reasons.

Reason number 1: the PV features Hashimoto Ai. Not to sound like a pervert, but I’ve been watching Ai’s career for a little while. Hashimoto Ai is a model and an actress who has been in the industry since 2010 (when she was 14!). I first saw Ai in Nakashima Tetsuya‘s “Kokuhaku“: a beautiful, complex revenge tale. (You should watch more of Nakashima Testuya’s movies, for real). Ai also starred in the movie adaptation of “Another” as the fantastically gloomy Misaki Mei and “Sadako 3D” as Sadako. If you are an idol fan, then you might have seen her in the highly recommended “Amachan” TV series, where she portrays the local idol Adachi Yui. If it sounds like I’m gushing, I am.

Reason number 2: She seems to be a Haro Wota. Here’s her Twitter page:

Notice how she changed her name to “大森靖子’14”. Clearly a nod to the Morning Musume Name change. Still don’t believe me? Listen to the end of “Midnight Seijun Isei Kouyuu”. Do you hear her singing “Lalala no Pipipi”?!

Reason number 3: See this album cover?

Clearly an homage to this one.

What? You don’t like Shiina Ringo? Then you are F*%$ing crazy.

Oh, and if you didn’t like the electro version of “Midnight Seijun Isei Kouyuu”, you might try this one.

So, that’s my worlds crashing together today. I know that it’s tangent to the idol world that I usually write about, but we are 3D people, aren’t we?

(Some good Oomori Seiko reading material:


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