Mano Erina News! (updated: more pics)

To catch us up: I love some Mano Eri. I wrote in great length about her Hello! Project career here, here, and here. And now for you anime fans, she is starring in the next Patlabor movie, “THE NEXT GENERATION~ Patlabor“.

AND, we have an awesome new pictorial of the lovely talent in the February UTB. Pictures follow

updated images:

As you can see, she’s still a hottie. If you’ve never heard of Patlabor, I can direct you to the wikipedia page. Let’s say that Patlabor is an old property that is very well received. What’s more, the movie will be directed by Mamoru Oshii. Yes, that Mamoru Oshii. Here’s crossing fingers that the movie will be a breakout role for Mano Erina!

Edit: Forgot to include the trailer!


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