Morning Musume ’14- “Kimi no Egao wa Taiyou sa”

To begin with, I’m not sure how bitter I am about needing to add the “’14” to the Morning Musume name. It looks weird. Putting that aside, this is the first PV from the first release by Morning Musume ’14 and the 55th release from Morning Musume (that’s weird). The release will be a triple-A side with ” Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai” and “WHAT IS LOVE”.

The PV for “Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa” finds the girls attempting to brighten the corners of a seemingly white void. As the girls execute their formation dance over Tsunku’s electro-blips, the environment comes alive with beams of light that emanate from the girls and pulses with the rhythm of the song. Along with the light beams, we see ripples radiate, triangles lending strength, and stylized versions of the sun. To add a level of interest, serene images of clouds, sunsets, trees, and sunflowers texture the graphics. Tsunku heard you didn’t like green screens. He doesn’t give a damn.

The PV starts with Sayumi goodness. The PV will acknowledge Sayashi Riho as the groups Ace near the end of the PV, but this group belongs to Sayu. She performs the light step routine with a dead serious look that links this PV to the group’s previous release, “Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke/Ai no Gundan”. It’s a ruse, because the girls are all smiles for most of this PV. I think that many were fooled by the intro of the song into thinking that “Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa” is “Wagamama …” part two. It’s not. Like the name suggests, the song is bright and uplifting.

During the chorus, the girls dance in the center of the sun. The dance for this part is a kick line that emphasizes the group’s synchronization. Morning Musume ’14 (awkward again) turn, dip, and gesture through their kick routine in a way that begs imitation. It’s a display of teamwork that probably will go unnoticed by many.

The kick line footage intercut with the footage of the girls being girls. As they hug for the camera, they smile in a way that feels very natural. The girls melt even my black heart with their smiles-, which is what idols are all about.

In fact, let’s have a smile gallery right here. Starting with Sayu.

Hello! Riho

Subleaders: check in. Haruna!





Now it’s time for the 244 specials. Eripon!!



A couple of great moments in the PV deserve a spotlight. First of all, Mizuki beam.

The bridge of “Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa” starts quietly. The girls line up and kick out with the rhythm while turning in the formation.

The bridge also gives us another dance-off between Riho and Ayumi. The bridge seems constructed specifically for this dance interlude. Thankfully, they decided to utilize this moment for a nice bit of choreography.

At the conclusion of the dance, the music rests in complete silence while Sayu stares through the camera. The leader’s face breaks into one of those smiles that only an idol can give.

We get some of the three and four shots

We get a fast paced roll call of the girls.

Right before the outro of the song, the Riho solo of all Riho solos affirms her place in Morning Musume. There is no one else on screen. Riho delivers her line while lying in the center of the sun. She is the sun god. She is the center.

Actually, I like the PV a lot. I feel uplifted by the song and the PV. Honestly, waking up on Christmas morning to the “Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa” PV was a great gift from Morning Musume ’14 (Thanks, Tsunku).

You can buy “Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa” at CDJapan


7 responses

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  3. Is the pause in the song with Sayu’s gorgeous smile a sign for something? like the mute final shot with Hitomi in Kanashimi Twilight in her last single with Morning Musume? I think it’s significative.


    • I wondered about that, too. I’ve heard that the recent Budokan concert was originally scheduled to be Sayumi’s graduation concert, too. They seem to enjoy teasing us with her graduation since we all expect it soon. I hope she lasts until the next generation, at least.


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