A Little Bit of Juice=Juice

I’m feeling that not many people know a lot about Juice=Juice, yet. As the newest Hello! Project group, this is expected. Let’s start with their latest PVs:

And perhaps a nice photo spread (I like the rock theme):

Here’s a “User Manual” that Takagi Sayuki wrote. It’s a little bit about each member of Juice=Juice. There’s no entry for Sayuki, unfortunately. (thanks to H!O member Greyface

Miyazaki Yuka

  • Nothing’s wrong.
  • Compared to the other members of J=J she’s mellow.
  • Given mentaiko onigiri or Stem Lettuce she is delighted
  • She like Pokopan [celphone game]
  • She will always smile when in front of ℃-ute’s Yajima Maimi.
  • She runs fast.
  • She gets goosebumps easily.
  • She often yells, “Heeeey What’re you DOOOING! Hurry it up!” but she is definitely not angry.
  • A cute point is that in the middle of talking, with things like, “Shitente” or “stottente” “~tente” comes up a lot.
  • Nothing’s wrong.

Kanazawa Tomoko

  • Compared to the other members of J=J she’s relaxed.
  • She punches other members in the face.
  • She likes the older members (according to herself)
  • She is interested in the younger members (according to herself)
  • Given crunchy umeboshi she’s delighted.
  • She likes ChocoPie
  • She has 2 human friends. She claims to be friends with Pretty Cure [anime heroine].
  • She’s always talking with Line’s automatic response system.
  • She hides her funny personality so, when the more experienced members see her messing around, she actually gets uneasy. lol
  • She’ll immediately say “It’s like I’m about to run out of tears.” (What’s more, it’s a lie)
  • She’ll immediately say, “I’m interested! I’m so interested I won’t be able to sleep tonight.” (What’s more, it’s a lie)
  • She prefers to part her bangs precisely rather than loosely.

Miyamoto Karin

  • She’s the huffiest member of J=J.
  • Unfunny.
  • Not just unfunny, but she covers up her failed jokes by laughing. So, she’s even less funny. lol
  • Her abs are stiff. [as in ripped muscles, I chose a strange wording for a reason…]
  • Her shoulders are stiff.
  • Her waist is stiff.
  • Given snacks, she’s delighted, but her mother will get angry, so don’t give her snacks.
  • If it’s something like Umeboshi, her mother won’t get angry. So it’s okay to give her Umeboshi.
  • A scale is included. [for weighing herself]
  • At handshake events, her voice goes up one octave.
  • She’s smitten by Takeuchi Akari.
  • She’s smitten by Niigaki Risa.
  • When her bangs get soaked with sweat it’s called “Wakame bangs.”
  • When she gets wakame bangs she says, “Enough! I gave up!” giving up on something.

Uemura Akari

  • She’s the most childlike member of J=J.
  • People often say she’s an airhead, but among the members of J=J there’s a suspicion that she’s not an airhead, but is actually just careless, so keep an eye open.
  • She resembles her mother.
  • Joy, anger and pleasure show on her face immediately. Sadness is not seen [This is playing with the expression of the “four basic emotions” but I can’t carry the joke into English, sorry]
  • Given chocolate she says, “Huh? It’s mine!? A present!? Thanks <3” becoming exceptionally delighted.
  • When given things she dislikes or doesn’t especially like, she makes a “I don’t want that” face. But she doesn’t say it, because she’s a good girl. (Said because when she isn’t complimented, she gets perverse)
  • She can’t draw. But, her drawings have the power to bring peace to wherever they are. (Said because when she isn’t complimented, she gets perverse)
  • When she’s angered, she’s scary.
  • Before she goes to get doted on by the more experienced members, she gets cross-hairs in her eyes. lol
  • She’s very strict with her father. (What’s more, it’s in the Osaka dialect, so it’s scary.
  • After her relationship with somebody reaches a certain depth, she doesn’t like using “~chan”. And she’ll give strange nicknames.

There a rumor going around bullying occurs between the members (it’s a joke, don’t get all upset).

H!P Jesus recently sang Hare Ame Nochi Suki [Morning Musume Sakura Gumi](my favorite) solo at the Miyamoto Karin & Uemura Akari Birthday Event … now we can really judge her.

At the same event, here’s Uemu singing Aishiteru Aishiteru [C-ute]

And, there is a low doorway that tends to whack the members on head…
Yuka? Whacked.

Sayubee? Thwacked.

Karin? Shmacked.

Tomo was immune, apparently. She just happened to be ready to take pictures.

There’s a great mix of talent with the girls. Not to mention they seem to have good chemistry. Here’s looking to their future!


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  1. Hey number244! I hope everything is great with you! A nice post, it seems more people are taking notice of them with the change from 6 to 5 to be honest and their music quality has gotten better.

    The most encouraging and worst is what I am hear for. I must say those are great choices. Glad you mentioned Brainstorming though!

    Thought I’d let you know, I’m back to bloggingan and I’ll be commenting on all blogs on Idolminded too! Hope you can check out my end of year post! http://www.nynyonline.co.uk/best-worst-of-2013-end-of-year-review/

    Have a happy new year!


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