Hello! Station #49

So, I had diarrhea of the keyboard today as I was watching Hello! Station #49. If you follow my blog, you know that I’ve abandoned my write-ups for the show. Too time intensive, too much schedule. I still watch the show every week, I just don’t report on my viewings. What’s taken the place of these write-ups is Twitter. Specifically, I’ve taken to tweeting as I watch these shows. There’s a story being told here … and so I thought I’d bring that story to this blog. Taking a page from Idolminded, I’ll try to bring you those tweets. It may be amusing, it might be boring; it’s an experiment! Before you delve into the tweets, here’s Hello! Station #49.

So, how was it? Yeah, there were a couple of spelling mistakes that I’m blaming on my tablet (my tablet is in serious need of a name. suggestions?). Let me know if this was entertaining for you. I don’t know, you might hate it.
Then again, since when do I care whether you like my content?
ALSO, I’ve included some of the tweet responses, so you know what to do .


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