This Week in Eripon (02022014-02082014)

Have you visited the Morning Musume Kyuukie blog? If you’re following the girls closely, they upload very regularly on the site. You get a good look at the Morning Musume behind the scenes.

For a while, I was uploading photos daily, but it got to be more work than I could deal with. I’m going to narrow scope and focus on Ikuta Erina (because she’s the best- opinion laden statement). Rather than posting everyday, I’ll post a weekly compilation from her blog on (hopefully) Saturday morning.

Man, this girl posts a selfie every day!

Here’s the week that was Eripon Feb. 2 through Feb. 8.

Twin Tail Day! Morning Musume in Twin Tails!

Then, a strange picture? Who’s providing the hair? I’m guessing Ayumi because of the color.

2 shots with Suzuki Kanon and Fukumura Mizuki. Man, I don’t like that makeup job.

Cake time in celebration for the 4th consecutive #1

Eripon gets an autographed picture from Oha Girl Chu Chu Chu. I wonder if they consider her their senpai? They should.

White turtleneck. Mint top.

Like a flashback. (I don’t really need to comment on all of these, do I?)

Kanon looks scared to receive the kisses. A very strange reaction.

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