S/mileage and Juice=Juice in Weekly Spa! Magazine

Really, who was this photographer? Dawa looks good enough, Kanyon looks fantastic, but Kana’s smile is incredibly awkward. I already don’t like Akari’s smile very much, but at least she’s styled nicely.

Fukuda Kanon is always a win for me. I just can’t believe that Nakanishi Kana’s smile isn’t photographed well in these pictures. She practically glows.

Oh, look. Oomori Seiko talking about Hello! Project! Didn’t see that coming. (You should buy her album ….)

JUICE=JUICE! I love the way Takagi Sayuki looks. They should keep her hair up more often. Kanazawa Tomoko is showing off her legs, but strangely Uemura Akari is practically hidden. That doesn’t make sense to me.

Now. I really need my coffee, NOW!


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