Morning Musume ’14 in Girl Pop Magazine

I’m not kidding. I can look at photos of Morning Musume all day long. This is especially true when the girls are styled in winter jackets like they are in this magazine. Don’t they look more elegant when they are fully clothed? I think so.

Masaki looks cute with her eyes shut tight!

Subleader focus

Here’s some Kyuukie focus
Focus on the 10th and 11th gen girls

I just love Masaki playing peek-a-boo with her hood in this photo.

And then, we have Mizuki with her arm possessively around Erina’s shoulder. PonPon!!

Yes, I’m repeating images. I just really want that Eripon focus now. Excuse my fanboying.

This is stalker close-up. I love Eripon’s full-blown, uncontrolled smile. This smile just makes me happy.

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