THIS WEEK IN ERIPON (02162014-02222014)

What kind of selfie’s will Eripon take this week?
Look! It’s a Harvest reunion! Remember them? The most likely scenario is all of the Satoyama and Satoumi groups will fade into obscurity. In that case fans like me freak out whenever there’s a whiff of reunion.

Yellow looks great on Ikuta. She looks so sunny!


There’s that smile that I love. Full face smile, no reservations.

More of that yellow. I also like the way her eye makeup is done in these next two shots.

Well look who it is!

It’s the leopard pajamas Eripon wore in Dokkiri special!

Looking pensive backstage

I really like these MoriMusume outfits


She’s really hittin’ the yellow department, isn’t she?



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