Unboxing Morning Musume ’14 “Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa” Box Set

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This was an exciting moment for me. I have ordered many Morning Musume singles in my time as a fan, but I’ve never had the opportunity to purchase a box set. Lucky for me, I am really in love with the latest #1 single from Morning Musume ’14, “Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa” (+ 2 others), and a fellow Hello! Online-er was offering her services to ship the box set to me at a minimal cost. The stars aligned, right?

Here’s the box as it arrived. Note the slide rule covering all the personal information. Yes, a slide rule.
Mobile Upload
Mobile Upload
Oh, all the fun I’ll have with this bubble wrap!
Mobile Upload
And the box. It’s a pretty standard looking box set. Nothing particularly flashy.
Mobile Upload
The obi has the Japan Olympic Committee seal. This should confirm Morning Musume’s part in the Winter Olympics 2014.
Mobile Upload
Here are all the singles. The regular edition singles are the ones oriented vertically.
Mobile Upload
I got two Haruna photos! Well, Haruna isn’t my favorite Musume. I don’t have anything against her, except her name isn’t Ikuta Erina. The photos aren’t very big (6cm x 8.5cm), but are great if you are collecting photocards of your favorite Morning Musume ’14 girl.
Mobile Upload
I promptly gave the “Egao no Kimi” photo (Haruna’s wearing white) to @tokiobrokio on twitter. Now I just have the “Kimi no Kawari” photo (Haruna’s wearing green).

This leads us to my FREE GIVEAWAY! Do you want my Haruna photo? All you need to do is follow me at @thenumber244 on twitter and tweet this phrase at me: “YO 244, I WANTS THA HARUNA”. On 2/28, I’ll randomly pick a tweep and send the photo card! You don’t even have to pay shipping! It’s that easy! (Naturally, I can’t be held responsible for mishaps by the postmaster general. C’mon. It’s free!). Good luck!


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