Morning Musume ’14 “Coupling Collection 2”

My latest “care package” from Japan recently arrived at my work last week, and I’m here to share my plunders. Now, I received a few items in the post that day, most of which were photo books and magazines (which I’ll share next). We’re going to start with the recently released Morning Musume ’14 “Coupling Collection 2”, which is an anthology of the most recent Morning Musume B-sides.

If you remember correctly, “Coupling Collection 1” was a gorgeous package. The box set contained bound mini-photo book of the Platinum 9 connected with the red thread of destiny. It’s hard not to argue that the girls that have made Morning Musume, past and present, are bound together by some kind of fate (or perhaps Tsunku’s fetish of the moment). Morning Musume were shot wearing street clothes a la the “3 2 1 Breaking Out” PV. You can probably still see images of this photo book pop up on a google image search. I thought the packaging (with the book binding and historical perspective) was very impressive.

Although the “Coupling Collection 2” does not contain the book-bound photo book, the photos of the girls are flat-out breathtaking. I honestly don’t remember a time when the girls in the group looked this glamorous. To a girl, Morning Musume ’14 are styled like models and exude an alluring attitude of confidence. Honestly, the photos are practically worth the price of the CD collection! See for yourself…

The box from CD Japan

Contents of the box

Jewel case angle 1

Front of jewel case

Back of jewel case

Front of booklet

Back of booklet

Disc 1 and booklet

Disc 2 and DVD

Michishige Sayumi

Fukumura Mizuki

Ikuta Erina

Sayashi Riho

Suzuki Kanon

Iikubo Haruna

Ishida Ayumi

Sato Masaki

Kudo Haruka

Oda Sakura

Mind you, these are all photos from my iPhone. The real thing looks much, much better!

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