Morning Musume ’14 in Ray Magazine (June 2014)

An impressive set of photos of Morning Musume ’14 have been released from the June 2014 issue of Ray Magazine. The girls try out different looks and get the full photo shoot treatment. This is great, but what you are probably going to hear about is the photo of Leader Michishige Sayumi. The gorgeous leader’s enduring, long black locks are pinned to look like short-haired Sayu. For longtime fans of the group, the photo is a shock. I think she looks great because Sayu is just a gorgeous example of humanity.

Haruna and Ayumi try the rock look. I don’t know how “rock” this looks, but OK.

The always gorgeous Mizuki seems to have a princess look, which isn’t too far from the truth. However, Sakura makes a pretty cute looking book worm. You see … big glasses means “nerd” in the visual lexicon.

I really love MaaDuu. Looking at Masaki’s over-sized (Reina-sized) bow, I can’t help but wonder what MaaDuu would look like if they cosplayed Kiki and Tombo from “Kiki’s Delivery Service“. Amarite?
(note: did I really need to link Kiki’s Delivery Service? You all should know what that is …)

Eripon looks like a Johnny’s boy. Zukki, please give us more.

And then, what can we say about Riho? I think she looks really stylish and mature. It’s the make up job, right?


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