Kudo Haruka and Uemura Akari from UTB (June 2014)

I’m not writing a whole bunch for this post. Real quick, these pictures come from the June issue of UTB. I’ll just turn over these pictures to you and stand over here, on the left coast.
First we’ll start with some pictures of Kudo Haruka. It certainly seems like she is outgrowing her tomboy image fast! It’s probably about time. Before long, a new genereation of Morning Musume will descend, and that mantle can rest on someone else’s shoulders. Unless Tsunku takes Chiima’s advice and adds only members older than Haruka to MM’15. That would be the ultimate troll maneuver!

And finally here’s Juice=Juice’s youngest: Uemura Akari. I recently went on and on in my tweets about Uemu. I took a series of 10 screen caps from her latest turn as host of Hello! Station. Usually I can get one or two derpy pictures of the host. But, not Uemu! Every screen shot of her looked as delicate and beautiful as the one before it. Really, you all should watch this one: she is going to blossom into something special!


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