Mika☆Rika – “Funky OL – Shigoto Shitakunai”

I have a difficult time sometimes. Sometimes there’s just a feeling I get, and I follow that feeling. That feeling never says anything evil to me, and it certainly never suggests I do anything misanthropic. It’s a feeling of distraction, yet it almost always leads me to good things. And so, it happened one day at work that my 5 minute breather spiraled into a death loop of Mika☆Rika‘s PV for “Funky OL – Shigoto Shitakunai”. Maybe it was a case of “right time, right place”, but I fell in love with the song and the PV immediately. Honestly, this song makes me giddy. I end up smiling from ear to ear whenever I think about this song or its PV. I’ve been waiting to write about this song, since I still don’t know much about the girls or production specifics of “Funky OL” (if anyone knows anything, please comment below!). Mika and Rika smile at me through my computer screen and my day becomes 2% better. Magic!

“Funky OL – Shigoto Shitakunai” lightly grooves through four minutes of joy. A guitar starts the song with the characteristic funk strums. On top of the guitar, horns play a nice fanfare (they sound synth to me) and we are off to Mika☆Rika’s land of workplace distraction. The instrumentation never gets beyond the traditional funk sounds, and it’s alright with me. In the tradition of great funk music, the song is simple in the best way possible.

Mika and Rika sing with the enthusiasm and awkwardness that only idols can bring. I say awkward, but not everyone can sing with the pleasing tones and unassuming verve that Mika☆Rika employ. Unlike Rev. from DVL (who I wrote about earlier this week), I have no problem classifying Mika☆Rika’s verse style as rap. The rap the girls give has little to do with the self-aggrandizing rhymes I hear on the radio. Rather, the girls incant with a rhythmic, tuneless yet whimsical verses. Of course, the chorus is the point of “Funky OL”, and I find myself singing “Shigoto Shitakunai!” enough times to know the effectiveness of the song. Sometime at work, you should just try singing it. Say it with us, “SHIGOTO SHITAKUNAI”

The PV presents a simple set-up: Mika and Rika at your workplace, they don’t want to work, and they sure as hell don’t want YOU to work as well. There is one set (a conference room) and four extras (who are trying to work). The girls get a simple outfit: white tee shirts printed with “Funky OL” in block letters and sky blue miniskirts. This is beyond low budget. We watch the girls disrupt the conference room like playful spirits or that little neighborhood kid that knocks on your door to ask mom if you can come out and play. The girls alternate between performing ridiculously simple choreography, mugging for the camera, and playing spirits of distraction to the workers. And, THAT’S IT. Like the song, the PV is simple and effective.

Hide & seek or punishment?

Sure! Why not play cards under the table!

Choreography. Here’s some whilst sitting on the conference table.

Here’s some whilst standing on the table. (They do a cute little booty shake, too)

How am I supposed to work? They’re laying on the table!

They’re disrupting the phone lines!

They’re shutting my laptop!

My sticky flags? Forget about ’em.

My glasses! I can’t see a thing without my glasses!

HEY! I needed those tissues for later!

OK, I guess we can eat and drink our way out of this.

I guess I can’t be too mad if we rest like this for a while.

Big finish! Give us more peace signs!

Let’s end things with Mika☆Rika sitting seiza on the table. What well-mannered girls!

By the way, the girls are twins. Did you figure that out?

Mika☆Rika Official Website
Mika☆Rika Twitter

You can buy Mika☆Rika “Funky OL- Shigoto Shitakunai” at CD Japan


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