Hello! Project Power Rankings [plug]

Really quickly, the guys at New School Kaidan tapped yours truly to evaluate the happenings at Hello! Project and MoBeKiSuJu. It’s a fun article series I’ve written for these last three months, and hopefully they’ll keep asking me back (fingers crossed). You can read the June Hello! Project Power Ranking right here: http://newschoolkaidan.com/hello-project-power-rankings-june-2014/

ALSO, I will be going on vacation for the next three weeks. I’m getting the F*&^k out of Los Angeles and attending the Governor’s Ball music festival. After that, I’ll be tooling around East Coast Style. Since I won’t be writing much while on vacation, it’s probably a good idea to follow my twitter (https://twitter.com/thenumber244) where I will definitely do some idol (and touristy) tweeting.

I’ll leave you with some beautiful birthday pictures of S/mileage Nakanishi Kana, a gorilla in idol clothing. Happy birhtday, Kananana

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