Miyamoto Karin new photobook “Karin”

Before we continue with Miyamoto Karin, let’s have some real talk. Karin-chan-sama is a very talented, cute little idol. However you perceive her, I hope you are ignited by the spark of inspiration that an idol can impart on her fans. If you enjoy looking at the adorable Karin-chan-sama, you really should buy her photobook. I did. You know that an idol’s popularity is partly gauged by the success of these books- the number of hits on my little website isn’t going to mean anything to the bean counters at Hello! Project. In a very real way, your support for Karin, or any idol, is shown by the popularity of her/their goods. So please: SUPPORT YOUR FAVORITE IDOLS. That’s all.

You can buy “Karin” at CDJapan


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