Outsourced: Hello! Project Power Rankings July 2014 [plug]

It’s been a bit busy here in Los Angeles the last few days.  I attended the always-busy Anime Expo over the four-day weekend.  Also, two great idol acts were in town for AX and other live events.  I’ll write more about PASTEL CALLA and Tokyo Meru in the future.  BUT, I regret not properly celebrating Ikuta Erina’s 17th birthday due to all of the on-goings.

Anyway, the purpose of writing here is to plug my latest Hello! Project Power Rankings at New School Kaidan.  I enjoy every opportunity to write about Hello! Project, so please read, comment and enjoy!

Here’s that link for the Hello! Project Power Rankings July 2014

And, while I have your attention, let’s look at some photos of Michishige Sayumi dolled up for the MTV VMAJ Awards!


2 responses

    • People are allowed to be wrong, lol! I *think* I’m being objective when I say she was styled perfectly and looked gorgeous. At least I’m being as objective as possible with a topic that is subjective in nature.
      Thank you for commenting 🙂


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