This Week in Eripon (2014.07.06 – 2014.07.12) [pic spam]

Sunday July 6, 2014
The last day of being 16 for Eripon

Monday July 7, 2014

Is the world really ready for bunny Eripon?

Tuesday July 8, 2014
Bunny girl with Oda Sakura, which I support

Wow, look at all that green!

Wednesday July 9, 2014

Hiding her friend in the most discreet way imaginable

Friday July 11, 2014
Eripon. Sayashi Riho. Glasses. I approve.

Her new tumblr er tumbler

Saturday July 12, 2014
The bunny girl thing didn’t last for too long, eh?

Again, so discreet.

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