Tokyo Girls’ Style – “Chiisana Kiseki” [PV]

Continuing my series on Tokyo Girls’ Style, today we have the November 22, 2013 release “Chiisana Kiseki”. I know what you are thinking: Fall release, this must be dark and brooding. Actually, NOPE. I’m watching and writing about this PV in the summer, and it’s perfect.

“Chiisana Kiseki” makes a good case for simplicity in PVs. Like the previous PV, “Get the Star“, there aren’t any narrative threads, no goofy story (that’ll come later), and no crazy religious symbolism (also later). What we get is a refreshingly simple PV which is nothing more than a couple of dance shots intercut with solo close ups and a sweet group lip shot. From that description, I might as well be writing about a Hello! Project PV. Like most of Tokyo Girls’ Style products, the quality of the work really sets “Chiisana Kiseki” apart from other PVs.

“Chiisana Kiseki” is probably the most “idol” song heard from Tokyo Girls’ Style. TGS keeps the darkness that infects so many of the group’s releases to a whisper. Almost everything about the song is kept upbeat. Fans of the group will recognize the sound palette utilized for the song- wah-wah guitars, horn accents, and string pads feature prominently in the arrangement.

Tokyo Girls’ Style bring their dances to a variety of locations during this PV. We start with the girls in sunny white blouses and color-coded skirts in the atrium of an interesting building. White pipes arranged like the latitude and longitude lines on a globe form a striking dome over the atrium. Tokyo Girls’ Style look simultaneously caged by the dome and free under a blue sky accented with billowy clouds.

For the second set, the girls dance on the tiles of another interior. This set looks like another dome supported from the center by an upwardly branching pillar. Concrete steps behind the girls lead up to the pillar and form an amphitheater. Lights lead up the steps towards the column. Like the previous set, the set leads the viewer gaze up towards the domed sky.

Finally, the girls escape the cage and dance outside on a grassy field in front of their domed cage. The verdant grass, white clouds, and blue sky dazzle brilliantly. It actually makes me want to go outside and play, or whatever. Unlike the previous sets, a completely white skirted Tokyo Girls’ Style dance under floral crowns. The set and costume choices tell us that no matter how pretty the cage, the girls are at their purest under the blue sky.

For so many solo idol close-ups shots, the girls try their best to emote some level of anxiety or distress (I’m looking at you, Hello! Project). For this PV, Tokyo Girls’ Style just look at the camera and smile. Oh, and they sing, too.
Ayano. Smiles.

Hitomi. Smiles.

Yuri. Smiles.

Mei. Smiles.

Miyu. Smiles.

Yes, the girls smile A LOT in “Chiisana Kiseki”. When I watch the PV, I smile a lot. In contrast to “Unmei“, Tokyo Girls’ Style emote pure joy while dancing. We already know that the girls are an impressive dance unit, and it’s really nice to see them enjoying themselves.

And, if there wasn’t enough smiles in the dance shots, check out these lip shots. It’s like they are hanging out and being girly. Weird, right?

You can buy “Chiisana Kiseki” at CD Japan


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