Tokyo Girls’ Style “Jujika” [PV]

When it comes to visual imagery, there isn’t anything more disturbing than the sight of girls in white dresses chained by black shackles. In this case, a Catholic church serves to imprison the members of Tokyo Girls’ Style. Not far in the background of the ensnared girls waits an imposing figure in black wearing a black Minotaur mask. Tokyo Girls’ Style seep these creepy images into our skulls within the first seconds of their 16th single “Jujika”. While the rest of the PV serves up the same dark imagery, the song returns the girls to a familiar sound.

Don’t pet that. It’s CREEPY.

Like the PV for “Bad Flower” last year, “Jujika” is a decidedly dark affair that plays with Christian imagery in the way a horror movie, or a Japanese horror movie, uses the iconography for visual effect. The stark palette is predictably black and white with splashes of red. The set itself reminds me of the Spanish Mission churches of my childhood in California, although I’m sure there’s a better descriptor floating around. Like the name of the song implies, crosses of the Christian variety litter the set.
You can pretend you don’t notice, but it’s there.

Ready to engulf.

OK, I’ll just have a couple of nightmares. I’ll be OK. Oh look at all the crosses!

I feel like she’s weeping at her coffin…

The girls don two different outfits. The first white outfit gives the impression of the girls as pure chaste maidens. Meanwhile, their black performance outfits leave the exact opposite impression. The lacy dresses do little to hide the exposed skin underneath. Even though the tank top and booty shorts worn under the dresses aren’t more exposing than what some idols out there show, peeking at the skin through the lace makes the outfit seem naughty. I couldn’t help sneak a look at the naked backs of the girls, also adorned with a jeweled cross. These are the girls’ witching outfits. Black magic & sorcery, you know?

For a truly bewitching time, add a cloak. They always work.

Hitomi can see the other side

All of this iconography leaves me thinking, “What does it all mean?” A central piece of the set is a barren and leafless tree. The tree only appears in the white maiden set. In contrast, the back witch set contains alter flowers on pedestals. To me, the PV tells the story of a séance. The white maidens are sent into the witch’s world to bring back life, to make the withered tree blossom.

The girls taking turns tied to the crosses disturbs me the most. She’s leering. She’s waiting for you.

Can we talk about this? Surely, there must be another way!

I guess not.

Here we go. One interdimensional ticket to hell, coming right up!

See ya!


No, you’re not supposed to save her!

What does the smile mean? Perhaps this elaborate ritual fails. Perhaps the two girls will merge and become a superhero.

Why not. let’s have more creepy film burns.

Let’s not forget the color being sucked out of the rose. Doesn’t this make you think that the witches are taking all of the life away from the maiden world? This completes it. Hot, malevolent witches are stealing life from world of the chaste maidens. And, there’s nothing that can be done to stop it!

Like always, Ayano’s voice saves this song. Chills.

An MVP to Yuri, also. She looks great in these outfits!

It’s too bad we don’t see much of the choreography. I got to see a performance on Tokyo Girls’ Style’s USTREAM channel. It’s a great dance!

Whatever I think about the visuals, I like the song quite a bit. I actually enjoy listening to the song without he PV more than just watching the PV. And, what’s more, I think I prefer the mix of the song found on the album “Killing Me Softly”. I just like the arrangement better.

And, this finishes up my “Let’s Play Catch-up with Tokyo Girls’ Style” series! I hope to see you this weekend at J-Pop Summit, where I’ll be right in front for TGS. Bet on it!

You can buy “” At CD Japan.


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