– “Chururi Chururi Ra” [PV]

Hey, what are your favorite vertical-scrolling video games? I don’t actually have one. My best friend was a beast at these games and I always lost all of my lunch money trying to keep up with him at the arcade. Any video game that requires dodging bullets, lasers or other projectile weapons definitely stress me out. If pressed, I’d admit to enjoying Ikari Warriors with said best friend (mainly because I didn’t have to do much other than die occasionally).

Now that I’ve dated myself a bit, why am I talking about video games in an article about Well, in case you haven’t seen the PV for “Chururi Chururi Ra“, the group literally become video game characters as part of the plot of the PV. But before I delve into the PV too much, we should look at a few of the particulars of the song. The July 30, 2014 release marks the 10th release from the group of otaku idols. Like many of their releases, “Chururi Chururi Ra” features lyrics and composition by Hyadain (although he did furnish the arrangement for the song). As expected from Hyadain and, the song is relentlessly uptempo, yet undergoes several transitions in feel. If you are an English speaker, you will likely notice the lyric “We are Japanese” sung closing each chorus, and like me you will probably latch onto that lyric for dear life. Some other things you’ll probably notice are the prominent use of Eastern scales in the composition, a great contrast between over-the-top instrumentation and quieter bass-and-percussion, and a fun combination of 8-bit sounds and traditional (Western and Eastern) instrumentation.

The central conceit of the “Chururi Chururi Ra” PV is a transformation of into video game characters on their way to take down the big boss- in this case a tenshu come to life. The plot for the PV is secondary to setting and decorations.

See only five baddies to take down!

Don’t forget their Cup Noodle tie-in!, BEGIN!

I would play this game (and suck royally at it!)

Firstly, the girls don some fantastic outfits during the course of the PV. I won’t gush to much about her, but Mogami Moga’s headdress and kimono augment her beauty tenfold. Mogatanpe also has a scene in a bath exposing her bare back, so take that to the bank. Aizawa Risa’s white kimono stands out as well. Risachii kicks ass with a fan and reclines like a boss with her pipe.

Risa is super stylish with that fan. I think she impressed me the most in this PV!

Moga … yum

Knives don’t have your back, Moga


Mirin, Nemu, Eitaso, and Pinky don’t get quite the same level of costuming as Risa and Moga. It looks like the costumes were meant to reflect all levels of Japanese class with Nemu and Pinky looking like working-class folk and Ei and Nemu somewhere in-between. I think they make up for their costume envy with some inspired props. Mirin gets a sword, but Nemu swings around an outgrown shuriken, and Eitaso dispatches the enemies with an ornamental staff. Hilariously, Pinky weilds hanami dango.

Mirin looks pretty impressive with her blade!

Nemu’s wire work doesn’t look very convincing. Is she afraid of heights?

Eitaso taking off

Pinky and her mochi!

I don’t think the effects for “Chururi Chururi Ra” impress anybody, not that special effects were the main focus of the PV. Most of the time you’ll see animated swirls of energy composited with the live shots. I particularly like the scenes where the girls are powering up to take down the big boss.

Hanami Dango!!

Facing off with the BIG boss

Powering up!

Yeah, this is the big attack.

See ya, buddy! Those explosions aren’t going to fool anybody, btw.

All of the action culminates when the girls warp into performance shots on a richly decorated performance stage. A Mount Fuji flanked by cranes and dragons crowns a frenetic backdrop that also features lightning bolts and hanami dango. The girls dance in (what I can only assume) their color-keyed performance costumes along with their cast of extras. These shots give the impression of a much bigger production than actually filmed.

And they dance!

And, scene!, TAKE OFF!

And, now the magic is gone

So, “Chururi Chururi Ra” is a fun romp into a scrolling video game. And, while the song might take a few listens to get behind, the PV lives up to the name.

You can buy “Cururi Chururi Ra” at CD Japan or iTunes

So, what did you think of the song and PV? Leave your comments below!

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