Hello! Project Power Rankings Septeber 2014 [plug]

It’s new month and  new set of rankings.  You can see my work over at New School Kaidan.  To preface the rankings, you may not know about my Berryz Kobo fandom (since I post very little about the group), but there was a time when they were my favorite Hello! Project act (no joke!).  I felt really bad last month when Berryz Kobo announced their indefinite hiatus / disbandment at the end of the month just after my deadline for the August H!P Power Ranking.  Anyway, there really was no news in the last 30+ days that compares to the end of such an important H!P group.  I don’t know if I’ll miss the group too much.  They have been getting a bit stale for a while now.  Of course, I hope the group goes out with a celebration rather than a whimper.

TLDR: read my September H!P Power Ranking at New School Kaidan!

Now, watch Morning Musume ’14 at Mezamashi live on 8/13/2014


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