Ikuta Erina “It’s a Lovely Day”

And, it is indeed a lovely day. The good folks at Up Front / Hello! Project finally release some new solo work from my favorite, Ikuta Erina. The new e-Hello DVD “It’s a Lovely Day” has an October 31, 2014 release date. From the preview, we can see Eripon around a sea wall and a beach wearing her school uniform and a nice strapless green dress. Ikuta’s image has shifted slightly in the last year, so I’m interested in seeing which Erina we’ll see in the DVD. Here’s the preview

And, some stills. I’ve seen this first one around a bit. The shot is suggestive of something, and I’ll leave that to you.

Yay for the Eripon in a skirt!

With the sun behind her

This is making it’s way into my wallpaper collection

Eripon has been a part of Morning Musume / Hello! Project for 3 1/2 years and this is only her second solo release. That’s a bit shameful, isn’t it? Needless to say, I’ve already ordered the DVD.

Oh, what about her “Greeting” e-Hello? You wanna see that preview, too? In the interest of comparison, I’ll assent.

You can order “It’s a Lovely Day” from CDJapan


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