Country Girls “Koi Doboru” PV [review]

You can probably subtitle this PV “How I Learned to Love the Color Pink” or maybe “A Study in Pink”. “Koi Doboru” ‘s color palette deals exclusively in shades of pink, or maybe more correctly shades of red. Too bad the PV couldn’t make a release date a month and a half ago, since the PV would have been a slam dunk during the days leading up to Valentines’s Day. No matter, the cute, pastel hued “Koi Doboru” further advances the Country Girls’ agenda by providing more 1950’s pop sounds delivered in with youthful exuberance.

We don’t get a Momoko gag, but this is a nice start, right?

Some adorable Uta-chan never hurt nobody

Musically, Country Girls give us a simpler tune with changes that should be familiar to most of us. Don’t take that as a knock against the group: what counts here is the delivery. And, “deliver” this song does well. You will hear the familiar horn backgrounds that I mentioned for “Itooshikutte Gomen ne” more prominently in this song. “Koi Doboru” betters the other A-side by providing a more detailed look at the individuals vocal performances. In particular, we get a better listen to Yamaki Risa and Inaba Manaka’s performances. Both girls sound fresh and clean; Risa has more color in her delivery, while Manaka sings with a cute sweetness. The verse’s B melody also provides a nice listen as each girl in the group delivers a few syllables in succession. It’s a cleverly crafted bit supported with a throwback bass guitar riff.

The Uta-chan wink.

Yielding to the Chisaki mind games

Sigh. Mai, you need to be a strong woman. Stop that now.

Let’s bookend with a goofy looking Uta

The monochromatic set provides the girls with plenty of things to play with. Solo shots show us the Country Girls playing with a curly-haired teddy bear and particularly ornate throw pillows. Think about that: throw pillows in varying pink hues and textures. Add to that mix an assortment of bows, silk flowers, and a white frame day bed. Put it together with some frilly lampshades and ornate birdcages and you get a pretty princess fantasy that could convert the most steadfast tomboy.

I mean, look at the girls clutching their props!

Girl party on the daybed!

It’s like Risa and Mai don’t even notice they are being filmed.

The Country Girls themselves add to the fantasy with conservative yet playful costuming. All of the girls except Mai get flouncy, pleated skirts. Mai gets to play the youngest with a pair of high-waist shorts. Some winners are Chisaki’s pink horizontal striped sweater, Manaka and Mai’s bejeweled collars, and Uta’s ridiculously cute white collars and cuffs. But, the hands down winner for me is Risa’s damask lace top with a string of pearls and a frilly, high collar. The look is conservative with a little bit of playful sexiness.

A good look at the costuming, and Manakan at center

And, some flounce

Action shot. Girls, you need to stand strong!

To end things, we have Joseph Joestar’s favorite saying:



And, scene.

You can buy Country Girls “Itooshikutte Gomen ne / Koi Dorobou” at CD Japan

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