Fukumura Mizuki in Young Gangan 2015 No. 7

Rejoice! Fukumura Mizuki completed one of the last rite’s of passage into adulthood by successfully completing high school. High school is a tough road for everybody, and it must be especially so for someone with a busy idol schedule like Fuku-chan. We can all celebrate Fuku-leader’s high school diploma with a nice set of photographs from Young Gangan- where the Mizuki mizugi lives.

Oh, my pretty snow princess. Mizuki looks so pure in white.

Business time.

F-yeah, Fuku-goggles! Is that a thing, yet?

The reason we are here: Fukumura Mizuki and her (prop) diploma!

Climb those stairs, Mizu-pon. Upwards and onwards!

BONUS TIME! This issue includes a 16-page photo book of Mizuki’s greatest hits with Young Gangan.

It’s not about what you show. It’s about what you cover up…

I already wrote about Mizuki in white.

Look into her eyes. I dare you.

Greatest hits indeed.

OK, there’s some water in this photo. That’s no reason to get excited.

Love this. Short pants. Big hat.

Who can forget Santa Fuku?

Eyes. Look at her eyes.

Fuku-hime looks so soft. This is why Riho is so obsessed!

And we close with a photo that seems familiar.

Congratulations to Fukumura Mizuki! May your diploma bestow good fortune to you and your family.

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