Suzuki Airi in Young Gangan 2015 No 6

Here we go, folks! More of the cutest of the C-ute- Suzuki Airi. There isn’t her trademarked 60% more midriff in these photos, but I don’t think that’ll bother anyone.

Airi. Soft serve. Thank God there’s no video.

Ohai. I have a green bicycle that looks similar to Airi’s! She makes it look better than me, though.

Actually, I don’t think she can ride with those shoes. I’m willing to bet on it, as long as I can get a live, in person demonstration of the feat.

More of Airi’s knees. Is that a kink I’m not aware of? Then again, the internet taught me that EVERYTHING is a kink, right?

I was just deeply examining Airi’s profile during her vocal performances on Music+ (1 2 3 4 5). I especially like when she has a baby snarl on her face.

Paying attention to the way the shadows fall across her figure.

Nobody backs Baby into a corner next to a window on a flight of stairs. NOBODY!

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