Morning Musume ’15

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I thought it was about time I blogged about Morning Musume ’15.


Momusu one five are a group that is similar to Momusu one four except there’s those four new members. Plus after all this time there’s no Sayu. As someone who has been a fan since the platinum era this to me means it’s the first time the group has had none of “my” generation in it which makes it seem very different. However like with Doctor Who (another popular long-running entertainment institution) change is very important.

 Miyamoto Karin-538934

Change is something ever constant in life and without it everything would stagnate. It’s no different with idol music. No group could last as long as Momusu has without such changes. So even though a lot of idols I really loved have graduated over the years it’s never a sad thing as such as it’s vital for the continuation of the…

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