Uemura Akari and Ogata Haruna in BOMB (July 2015)

Earlier this month, Juice=Juice’s Uemura Akari and Morning Musume 15’s Ogata Haruna got together for a pictorial guide to happiness. If this feature provides any indication, Aarii and Haachin lead the group of new young faces of Hello! Project. We had an idea that Aarii would receive the push for her looks, but Haachin has not been seen without her generation mates in a magazine feature until now. Haachin seems to possess the kind of facial control that allows her to set the mood for a variety of photographs. What’s more, Haruna provides the classic looks that will keep her relevant for years. Let’s hope I’m right!

Girls at play. (Advantage: draw)

Looking back beauties. (Advantage: Haachin)

Sharing is caring. (Advantage: Aarii)

They kinda look like we caught them in the middle of something, don’t they? (Advantage: Haachin)

back to back (advantage: Aarii- she sits a little taller)

Off shot. The obscured frozen treat makes an appearance (advantage: ice cream)

So, who do you think won the battle of BOMB?

You can buy BOMB (July 2015) from CD Japan

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