Country Girls “Tamerai Summer” [PV]

For the of their second single, Country Girls present “a special summer I wouldn’t forget brilliantly swaying and shining”. As should be apparent by now, the girls are on a mission to present the retro compositions delivered in the cutest way possible. While the music plays like a flashback request hour (there won’t be a bass drop anytime soon), references to selfie-sticks and emails clues the listener that the Country Girls live in the world of today.

The theme here is strictly pastoral. True to the roots of the group, Country Girls made the long trip to Hokkaido to film “Tamerai Summertime”. The girls seemingly float in pastures, fields bedecked with daisies, and delicate wooded forests. If that sounds like a dream, then pinch yourself: the Country Girls are real.

Do you like the feel of a gentle breeze during the summertime? Well, “Tamerai Summertime” should be your song. I would never imply the song is anything more complicated than that. The arrangement fills itself with natural sounds- no strange whirs are buzzes. Soothing background vocals pad the main vocals with oohs and aahs and sha-la-las. The most electronic thing you’ll hear in the song will be the organ solo at 2:52.

Hokkaido sightseeing

It’s like a nature documentary, really

A favorite outfit for the girls has to be their white dresses crowned with floral tiaras. It’s such a simple thing, but they wear it well, and it matches the pure vibe radiating from the girls.

With not much to the song, it seems “Tamerai Summertime” really serves to showcase the girls. We should look at a few more solo shots.

Really, the song probably should have been a B-side. But, in the current Hello! Project there are no B-sides, only Zuul.

A beautifully composed shot of Country Girls

Some quick choreo

I present to you my arts and crafts project!

Ozeki Mai is certainly a cute thing, isn’t she?

Special thanks to Yamaki Risa, who’s “Sweet & Kiss” is definitely the best.

And, scene

You can buy “Wakatteirunoni Gomen ne / Tamerai Summer Time” at CD Japan


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