Morning Musume ’15 – “Sukatto My Heart” [PV]

I don’t know if just the Hello! Project fandom that does this, but the subject of cheaply made promotional videos seems fascinate. I’m personally from the camp where spendthrift videos are welcome and the biggest sin is a distracting PV or (worse) a boring PV. Simplicity is a virtue, and “Sukatto My Heart” remembers this in the best way.

Remember how “Manterou Show” felt like a dance shot PV in “One-Two-Three” cosplay outfits? Regardless of how funky and catchy the song turned out, I am constantly distracted by the lack of effort made in differentiating the former song with it’s well-known coupling track.

Well, “Sukatto My Heart” avoids the problems listed above. Firstly, the group has THREE distinct outfits! Obviously the outfits worn by Morning Musume ’15 contrast with the others worn for the other A-sides. The “Sukatto My Heart” outfits takes blue ribbon. The nautical theme recalls Morning Musume past (“The Peace“) in a cute and (gasp) sexy way. Midriffs and belly buttons! Skirts and legggzz! Nothing gets too risque as the girls execute a dance that is both playful and effortless.

This shot lasts precisely 0.057 seconds. What are we focusing on?

Formation dance

Oh look! Floor work!

Special awards go to Sayashi Riho, whose sharp moves punctuate the well-rehearsed unit. RihoRiho moves her hips in ways I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

The jury award will likely go to Ishida Ayumi. She’s like a rock.

Special for me and the dozens of Eripon freaks- Ikuta Erina finally gets to show off her handspring in a single PV!

And, everyone looks so impossibly skinny!

Hardwood floors, exposed rigging with mounted speakers, and a large disco ball disguise the sound stage as a disco or (my favorite) roller-rink. The set design makes use of lights and darkness to complete the illusion.

Like the last few Morning Musume singles, the use of light design to enliven the set makes “Sukatto My Heart” look more expansive than the reality. I especially like the use of lights in the solo close-up shots.

I love the funky sounds of “Sukatto My Heart”. The song keeps to the basics with a thick bass, a Chic-esque guitar, and a horn-filled arrangement. Easily, the song wins the “funnest song on the single” award.

I suppose you can’t have too many Fukumura Mizuki screen captures (right?)

Time will tell if the disco sounds of “Sukatto My Heart” will have staying power. For now, let’s strap on those four-wheelers and boogie down the rink!

And, scene!

You can buy “Oh My Wish! / Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki / Sukatto My Heart” at CD Japan.

Regular A
Regular A

Regular B
Regular B

Regular C
Regular C

Limited A
Limited A

Limited B
Limited B

Limited C
Limited C

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