Christmas Idol Heaven – Young Gangan 2015 No.24

You remember Christmas Idol Heaven last year, right? Well, we got the same thing going on in 2015, with some of the more popular idols in idoldom lending their assistance. Santa’s little helpers indeed!
Let’s get things started!

First up we have Kodama Haruka from HKT48 and AKB48. You know me, ever the AKB philistine. No, I don’t know much about this girl, but I’m sure you won’t need help looking for more evidence.

Takeda Saki from Palet is next. Yes, the PASSPO auditionees have taken on a life of their own with Palet.

Asakawa Nana from Super Girls is in this next photo. This is also why I don’t look more into Super Girls. I’m all for a little bikini action with my idols, but I get the impression they push the envelope way too much for my taste. Maybe I’m wrong?

Nogizaka46 brings us Saito Asuka. Of all the AKS groups, I find myself getting more into N46. So, she has that going for her.

Kyouka from Yumemiru Adolescence is the next girl in this feature. I’ve only just begun listening to YumeAdo, so I’m not very familiar with the group. But, Kyouka’s got something going on- my moe alarms are ringing for this Santa’s Helper

Regular readers of my blog should be familiar with the next model: Fukumura Mizuki. She really is something special, isn’t she? Don’t you wanna go total RihoRiho and caress her arm?

This is Kaneko Shiori. Sources close to me (the internet) tell me she’s a graduated member of SKE48. I’m sure you will approve.

The penultimate model in this very special edition is Ono Nonoka. Well, Nonoka has a fun name to say, doesn’t she? Judging from my Google search, Nonoka is a gravure model cum actress who was first discovered as a beer salesgirl at Tokyo Dome baseball games. I’ll be clear here: I love baseball.

The last Santa Helper is C-ute’s Suzuki Airi. Man, I’ve been tweeting the Dickens out of Airi. I mean, just look at the way she is playing with the hem of her skirt. What is that? Is she trying to kill me?

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