Fairies – “Mr. Platonic” [PV]

I think it’s fair to say that I’m intermittently a fan of Fairies. Their releases are always solid with relatively few dips in quality. Mr. Platonic, released on November 18, 2015, is one of the cases where the group that focuses on dance performance and likable dance tracks gets things right. The girls look great in the PV, the outfits they wear are interesting and flattering, and the song “Mr. Platonic” is a fun listen.

The song alternates between a funky beat in the verses to a solid drive during the choruses. Melodically, the song is instantly singable with an instantly recognizable chorus. Personally, I really enjoy the verse instrumentals. The kick and the bass play together rhythmically giving the song a tight and focused sound. A couple of guitars are heard in the back playing some tasty licks and accents a la Prince’s “Kiss“. Things don’t get too busy like many Japanese arrangements, and there’s just enough interesting textures and rhythms to spice things.

The video for “Mr. Platonic” sets itself up in a dance club-cum-fashion show. Or maybe it’s just a club with a stage that happens to terminate in a catwalk. Honestly, most of the time I see this arrangement, there are poles going from the ceiling to the floors. Whatever. The fashion show bit doesn’t particularly interest me as much as the performance shots of the girls wearing their black-and-white mini cape outfits. I really love the shiny leather accents on the outfits. I even love the impracticality of their leather half gloves (really, go check those out).

Of course, idols on runways are always a dicey situation. You know, they’re not runway models. Also, runway modeling is not as easy as it may appear. I much prefer the girls walking down and lipping the words than trying to pose in those 80’s catastrophe outfits. Honestly, are Sora’s pants always painted on to her, or am I just imagining that?

Just a little awkward


And, let’s say that Shimomura Miki is the MVP of this release. She looks fabulous in every shot, and owns the second verse. Yes, management still has it bad for Ito Momoka (I like her, too). I’m sure all the Fairies people are glad the playing field has leveled out.

With almost dead certainty, “Mr. Platonic” will be Fairies’ entry into my 2015 Single of the Year post. You probably remember that Fairies did very well last year with “Bling Bling My Love“. I guess this proves that the Fairies that I like are the big dumb dance track Fairies.

And, scene.

Watch the PV [short version]

You can buy Fairies “Mr. Platonic” at CD Japan

Mr. Platonic [CD+DVD]

Mr. Platonic [Fairies ver.]

Mr. Platonic [Limited Edition/Momoka Ito Ver.]

Mr. Platonic [Limited Edition/Mahiro Hayashida Ver.]

Mr. Platonic [Limited Edition/Miria Fujita Ver.]

Mr. Platonic [Limited Edition/Rikako Inoue Ver.]

Mr. Platonic [Limited Edition/Sora Nomoto Ver.]

Mr. Platonic [Limited Edition/Miki Shimomura Ver.]

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