Country Girls new single covers

Now, I usually don’t post articles about single covers. Just remember how much I love Country Girls, and use this as evidence. Here we go.

Limited A

Limited B

Limited C

Regular A

Regular B

Regular C

I love them all. I do.
I can’t even pick my favorite outfit. The “Boogie Woogie LOVE” outfits have a great appeal as an idol take on the ’50s diner waitress. “Koi wa Magnet” is simple and classic. “Ranrarun Anata ni Muchuu” is a frilly lolita thing. What’s to hate?

Let me pick three.
Regular A
The color. The checkerboard pattern. The jukebox and diner stools. CONCEPT WIN.
Limited B
Manakan center. Funaki’s hair flip. MANAKAN CENTER.
Limited C
Maximum frills. Wood floors. FUNAKI TWIN-TAILS

OK, I’m done here.

Here’s your bonus. Watch some live Country Girls.

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