The Houston Plan

There are important things happening in Houston on February 26-28. Perhaps most importantly, Houston will be the last chance most of us in the US will have to see Suzuki Kanon as part of orning Musume. Houston will also be our first look at the 12th generation. Should Nonaka Miki feel well enough to travel, we will get to see Morning Musume with an English speaking member. As Hello! Project finds its way into more and more international events, we need to savor our chance to see and meet these extraordinary girls.

On this, the Sunday before Morning Musume ’16’s concert in Houston, I think we need to have a strategy plan. More accurately, I’m gonna type a bunch of things that I plan on doing but will probably not do due to the fluidity of the situation. I’ve even gone and created some visual aids to help us in our plans.

As you can see, there are nine events which list Morning Musume ’16 as a feature. Actually, there are ten events if you include the “press only” Press Conference on Saturday at 11:00 AM. Most of us won’t be able to attend that event so I left it off of the agenda.

Friday begins with the Opening Ceremonies for Anime Matsuri at 3:00 PM. Immediately, we need to choose between attending the ceremonies or getting in line for the Morning Musume ’16 Q&A session scheduled at 4:30 PM. Honestly, I don’t see much good coming out of the Opening Ceremonies. I’ve attended a few, and they are never very interesting. Of course Morning Musume will be there, so that’s something to look forward to. But, our best plan is to line up as early as possible for he Q&A session. We’re guaranteed some interaction with the group during the Q&A while the Opening Ceremonies will probably have Morning Musume ’16 waving briefly and then heading over to the Q&A. So, Opening Ceremonies- skip it, Q&A- line up early.

The next event doesn’t have much conflict. Kudo Haruka and Iikubo Haruna are said to participate at the “J Fashion Show: Princess” event at 8:00 PM. Unless something else pops up, we can safely head over to the fashion show to get glimpses of Honey and Duu as they strut their stuff.

After the fashion show, we have a choice. The folks at are running a panel titled “All for One & One for All: A History of Hello! Project” at running for 10:00 to 11:30 PM. Concurrently, the Hello! Team are holding their “Hello! Disco” at the nearby House of Dereon Media Center. “Hello! Disco” is a ticketed event that runs $12 online / $15 door (tickets here). “All for One & One for All” sounds a bit scholarly, but it probably won’t be too academic (which is too bad since I love scholarly things). “Hello! Disco” sounds fun, and I enjoyed the last event from the Hello! Team (Hello! Party 4 in New York). I’m a bit torn since I want the A-to-J Connections panel to have nice attendance, yet I also have tickets to “Hello! Disco”. Thoughts? Play it by ear.

Two events happen early on Saturday. Firstly, non Superpass attendees have ticket distribution at 9:30 AM. I’m probably going to be awake, so I may cruise by there and check it out. Next, Morning Musume ’16 have a “Press Only” press conference at 11:00 AM. I definitely plan to lurk somewhere around the conference just to see if I can find my way in. You know, I don’t have much else to do that morning, right?

T shirt: $30

Muffler: $20

Assuming I can’t find my way into the Press Conference on Saturday, my first event will be the Morning Musume ’16 autograph session. I’m getting conflicting reports about whether the Saturday 1:00 PM event is a Superpass only event. We know that an autograph ticket is contingent on a T Shirt purchase. I was planning on purchasing a shirt regardless, so this works for me. I’ll probably also purchase a muffler towel. To be clear, I don’t like either design. But, they are the only merchandise we’ll have (presumably).

The actual concert begins at 7:00 PM. Even though I have a Superpass, I’m not going to assume that everything will go well. I’ll probably start circling the venue as soon as the autograph session ends. I’ve read that line-ups before 5:00 PM are not permitted. This suits me just fine, but I have little faith that others will abide by the policy. Probably best to get there early.

Then I’m going to die.

On Sunday Morning Musume ’16 have another autograph session scheduled at 10:00 AM. I’ll definitely head there to at least watch the proceedings. If things don’t go well with my Superpass, I might be getting my autographs on Sunday. Regardless, the autograph session will be my last event in Texas since my flight leaves that afternoon. The worry, of course, is that I’ll NEED to get my autograph on Sunday and will miss my flight because of it all. Well, that is a worry.

Sometime on the first days of Anime Matsuri, I need to get to the Hello! Project booth to purchase my all-important T-Shirt. Hopefully, my Superpass will get me into the Dealer’s Room early so I can get that shirt. Remember: Shirt = Handshake.

OK, did I miss anything?
Is there a Hello! Project event I’m not aware of?
What’s your personal plan?
Will I see you at Anime Matsuri?
Make sure you say hello!

One response

  1. I’ve attended the A-to-J Connections panel at a smaller con recently, and while they have a tendency to sidetrack and interrupt themselves, they still do a decent job covering things, plus it’s a nice refresher course if you haven’t explored older H!P in a while. Definitely worth checking out for those skipping Hello Disco (a real shame about that scheduling).

    I’ll be rolling with my own crew and some other folks in Houston, but maybe we’ll see each other there!


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