Be Kind, (Promotional Video) Rewind – 20161113 to 20161119

Over at New School Kaidan, I write a few words about some of the recently released promotional videos. This is a collection of those write-ups, with a few words sometimes added after a week+ of viewing.

This week, we have promotional videos from Morning Musume ’16, P.IDL Nagoya, Happippi, Wakita Monari, Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku (REWIND EXCLUSIVE!), DEAR KISS, Yunomi feat. Nicamoq, and Tokyo Girls’ Style

Morning Musume ’16 – Confront with Bare Nakedness

With “Confront with Bare Nakedness”, Morning Musume ’16 play their entire hand for their November 23rd single. The synthy dance number sees the girls in vaguely pink camouflage patterned dresses and short bolero jackets in front of bare, skeletal red structures. Fukumura Mizuki and crew swagger it out with a choreography that involves lots of jacket play and chest pumping. Stick around for the glow paint that shows up roughly 3/4 of the way into the PV!. Morning Musume ’16’s 62nd single, “Sexy Cat no Enzetsu / Mukidashi de Mukiatte / Sou ja nai”, hits stores on November 23, 2016.

Rewind +
You know, “MukiMuki” didn’t really get me until a few listens. The song is relentless, and is only slowed by the b-melody. I tell you, once Eripon starts flipping her jacket over her shoulders, when the glo-paint comes out, and when Haga Akane gets the line of her career, I get behind this one. Behind “Sexy Cat no Enzetsu”, this will be my favorite from the release.

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I can tell the holidays are right on top of us, because here we have a Christmas themed promotional video from P.IDL Nagoya. Being first in what will surely be a line of PVs, I’m not yet worn out on the annual tribute to St. Nick. The red, white, and green cable knit sweaters worn over shorts and skirts still charms. The Santa caps are still a cute idea. The song “VERY MERRY X’MAS” is a welcome addition to the list of idol Christmas songs. And when the girls wish you a Merry X’Mas at the end of the PV, you really believe them. As a side note, the PV description mentions a 2nd P.IDL album, “HELLO P.IDL”, but I haven’t seen an links on the retailers that I check. Good luck to you if you are looking for it!

Rewind +
I’m not a fan of Christmas music. Let’s get that out of the way. I spend the majority of time watching this PV speculating whether the girls are wearing pants under those sweaters. When I make my “Idol Christmas” playlist, I’ll put this song on, but replay value is actually kinda low for me.

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Happippi – Happi Kite Happippi

New idol group Happippi bring it with a traditionally influenced promotional video and song, “Happi Kite Happippi”. There’s a lot to like with this release: the song is an upbeat piece with those traditional instruments mixed with the modern, cherry blossoms fly with the girls’ sharp movements, pretty fans and tatami mats abound, and the girls are pretty and enthusiastic. You can buy the debut release from Happippi on November 22.

Rewind +
When I saw this PV, I was thinking “is this there is?” in regards to Happippi. Sure the visuals are nice, but I don’t consider myself much of a Weeb with respect to the artifacts of Japanese culture on display in “Happi Kite no Happippi”.

New PV Alert: Happippi – Datou! Shogyoumujou

The festival music idol group is back with a coupling track promotional video. Actually, I think I like “Datou! Shogyoumujou” more than its a-side track “Happi Kite Happippi”. The song is less inflected with traditional instruments, but I think it’s a stronger song. You can also see that as a coupling track the budget for the PV looks much less than “Happi Kite Happippi”. Not that it matters to me: the cyclorama dance shot intercuts with enough solo shots and contains enough transition effects to keep me happy. Happippi also sing this song like they mean it. Great performances all around! “Datou! Shogyoumujou” is not the festival music you might have been expecting, but it is a damn fine song!. You can buy the debut release from Happippi on November 22.

Rewind +
Even with the decreased budget, I enjoyed this Happippi song much more. It feels more authentic to who the girls are. Also, this is when I started saying “hey … that pink girl (Yoshikura Chiharu) is kinda cute”.

Happippi – Koi wa Scramble

I don’t know what it is, but I really like the coupling tracks from Happippi. This one, “Koi wa Scramble!” features the girls outside the domes glass domes of an arboretum where they undertake a botanical voyage. There’s frolic among the flora and among the paved paths through the garden. I guess I’m just a sucker for this kind of thing. You can buy the debut release from Happippi on November 22.

Rewind +
This song and PV are easily my favorite of the bunch. I don’t need girls dipping themselves in traditional Japanese culture nor playing with overdriven rock arrangements. Just give me a nice pop song and the girls in cute settings. The more I see them smiling, the better I’ll feel about them.

Buy Happippi’s “Happi Kite Happippi”!

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Wakita Monari – IN THE CITY

Former Especia member Wakita Monari presents, for your approval, “IN THE CITY”. The track feels retro with a heavy bass guitar grooves and some funky keyboard action. The promotional video attractively puts Monari “IN THE CITY” both in life and virtually. The most striking shots put Monari in front of a projection of urban nightscapes. “IN THE CITY” puts Wakita Monari on a watch list for groovy releases coming out of Japan. That’s a good thing. “IN THE CITY” hits the shelves on November 16, 2016.

Rewind +
This song’s got some serious cool about it. The night time setting adds to the coolness, and I swear that last projection shot was on Normandie in LA. Which reminds me- those projection shots are intercut with just enough location shots to make for good effect. The camera doesn’t do that great in the low light night shots, but I think the grittiness of the footage just makes the production look more authentic. I’ve actually played this song in mixed company to positive results! Monari’s just got to release more nice funky city pop, and I’ll be along for the ride.

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Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – Sudden Death

(note: you may need to find a way of playing this video, since it is region blocked. Might I suggest ?)

Rewind Exclusive
If you’re a little confused, I don’t blame you. Firstly, “Sudden Death” is available on the “Complete Best” and “Waku Waku Best” versions of the Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku “Best-Of” albums released on November 16, 2016. I’ve grown some affection for the Stardust group, probably because everything they do seems completely alien. “Sudden Death” isn’t really exception: the PV is not more than a bunch of lasers in a dark room and a dance shot … and a “Sudden Death” endurance dance contest. Of course, the girls come together at the end of “Sudden Death”, but you knew that was going to happen from the beginning of this PV. And, since this doesn’t fit anywhere else; I love the girls’ attendance numbers as a way of differentiating.

Buy Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku’s “Chusotsu Ebisu no Best”!

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There’s something sparkling and new with Dear Kiss. The new group featuring former GALETTe member Shishima Saki make a go of things with “SHINY SHY GIRL”, and it’s a very solid effort. Granted, you can tell a budget was respected with this promotional video, but the song features some great sounds and a great lyrical hook. For all the talk about budget, “SHINY SHY GIRL” has some great camera work during the dance shots. DEAR KISS’s first single will hit stores on November 22, 2016

Rewind +
In the last few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to look at some groups making their start in the idol world. DEAR KISS seem to be off and running with some great deep sounds and decent video production. Of course, everyone could use more variety in their shots, and I would have appreciated it much more if they really went “all out” with this video. I guess not everyone can just throw a life savings amount of yen at
a group of unknown girls on their first release.


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Yunomi feat. nicamoq – Yunomikku ni Ocha Shite

I think this song may really get me. The sounds, the programming, the light melody – all favorites. And, then there’s nicamoq’s vocals: cutesy and not particularly powerful or oversung emanating from that (I dare say) kawaii-ness of a girl with a cracked cell phone screen. You know, I’ve always wanted to camp out in retail, and seeing nicamoq live out my fantasy really makes me contemplate selling my possessions and moving to Japan just for an opportunity to be turned down by her. Yeah, I may have it bad.

Rewind +
THIS PV STILL GETS ME! Really, I just love it. I didn’t realize at the time how much of a draw that bunny would be, but when I played “Yunomikku ni Ocha Shite” for some friends, that rabbit was the star (and no nicomoq sad face for me). So, I guess I’m going to be checking out more BPM15Q or cy8er, or whatever they’re gonna be called now. One more thing: TABLE FLIP!!!

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Tokyo Girls’ Style – Mille Feuille “Version Cool”

I haven’t loved a Tokyo Girls’ Style release this much in a long time. I wrote about a previous promotional video release for “Mille Feuille” where I similarly gushed over the song, but this has turned into a serious devotional. With the “Version Cool”, we get a full version PV with all 4:09 of the song. And, the girls look GREAT in their blue outfits with matching blue nails. The choreography is sharp, the flying camera work seamlessly adds depth and perspective, and everything has that extra sparkle. “Mille Feuille” has been on repeat for some time now, and I really can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! “Mille Feuille” goes on sale on November 30, 2016.

Rewind +
This is really the only version of “Mille Feuille” I will ever need. It’s a bit funny, but some of these same dance moves I’ve seen in past Tokyo Girls’ Style PVs once seemed a bit scandalous now seem almost age appropriate. This is till my favorite release from TGS in a long time, although I confess the steam behind my enthusiasm has been building for a few months now. Love Live TGS!

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