Be Kind, (Promotional Video) Rewind – 20161225 to 20161231 (Part 2)

Over at New School Kaidan, I write a few words about some of the recently released promotional videos. This is a collection of those write-ups, with a few words sometimes added after a week+ of viewing.

A huge push of promotional videos were released on this week, so this week’s Rewind is broken up into two installments. In this second installment we have Promotional videos from: NERFY GUINER BIEBER, Wa-Suta, Zenbu Kimi no Sei da, Party Rockets GT, Pink Babies, Rosario Cross, and tipToe. (1) and (2).

As I struggle to get caught up, unfortunately I won’t be writing any Rewind+ this week. Sorry if you were looking forward to my forgetful look backwards.

NERFY GUINER BIEBER – Shampoo & Conditioner

The Cheeky Parade subunit(?) unleash their latest video “Shampoo & Conditioner”, whether you want it or not. Actually, I don’t see how you wouldn’t want this! “Shampoo & Conditioner” offers you nothing but fun times, strange choreography, and stranger video graphics. It’s not the next single from Cheeky Parade, so it gets a little bit of latitude which is fully exploited in this strange, bathtub strewn, bubble floating, boombox wielding piece of nonsensical fun. Where the hell is my shampoo?

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Wa-Suta – Wanna Be Famous

The World Standard go full kitty with their new release “Wanna Be Famous”, which isn’t anywhere near as amusing as its Japanese title “Yumei ni Nyaritai.” You know what else is amusing? THIS PROMOTIONAL VIDEO. So, let’s get this straight: Wa-Suta are bored waiting around, so they take a trip to the past? They grab their kitten gloves and incant their magic spell and are flux-capacitate to the best opening line I’ve heard this year: “I really respect you, Mr. Bob Marley”. Without getting into too many more particulars, the past comes alive for Wa-Suta in their quest to become a statue in Shibuya. Along the way the group makes drops in on a multitude of historical references and musical styles, making “Wanna Be Famous” partly innocently mirthful and partly trippy and vomitous. That doesn’t really sound like a compliment, but you know it is the highest praise. “Yumei ni, Nyaritai.” makes its own history on February 22, 2017.

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Zenbu Kimi no Sei da – Alternate Melancholy

Should you see apples, don’t stray from the garden path. Should you follow the apples through the darkened trees, beware of wolves bedecked in white dress shirts, trousers, and suspenders. You may want to try fighting your way out, and if you are successful in that you can perform a totally bitchin’ concert in the dark o’ the forest. You see, Zenbu no Kimi no Seida are wearing horns and they’re being molested by a pack of angry wolves. I guess I shouldn’t over explain it. “Alternate Melancholy” can be found on Zenbu Kimi no Sei da’s November 9, 2016 release “Animu Animusu PRDX”.

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Party Rockets GT – Time of Your Life

Party Rockets GT’s new album gets off the ground with the promotional video for the release’s closing titular track. Intercut with performance footage are the five girls around a riverside on a winter’s day. Not knowing the members very well, I enjoyed this candid look at the girls. The footage appears a bit grainy, probably to emulate the look of old NASA (or I guess JAXA) footage. Music and film are meant to feel like an anthem, and I suppose both do a great job as a cap to the group’s tumultuous years and launch into what will hopefully be their finest years ahead of them. I certainly get that feeling as the girls walk away like they have the right stuff in the PV’s closing shot. Party Rockets GT “Time of Your Life” touches down in record stores on January 11, 2017

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Pink Babies – UFO

The group charged with continuing the legacy of Pink Ladies release their second single on February 15, 2017. A remake of the classic “UFO” by (who else) Pink Ladies features an updated sound, but won’t be unfamiliar to listeners who remember the good ol’ days. Also holding over from the good ol’ days is the choreography which is rather leg-centric. Naturally, this means there are some good looking gams out there in this 11-member group. Personally, I’m liking this new group of throwback/throwforward idols. Let’s hope they get their “Pink Babies and Jeff”.

Buy Pink Babies’s “UFO”!


Track List
1. UFO
2. マンデー・モナリザ・クラブ
3. 狙いうち
4. 夢中がいちばん美しい | CDJapan | YesAsia


Track List
1. UFO
2. マンデー・モナリザ・クラブ
3. 狂わせたいの
4. OH! | CDJapan | YesAsia


Track List
1. UFO
2. マンデー・モナリザ・クラブ
3. どうにもとまらない
4. 愛しのニューオリンズ | CDJapan | YesAsia

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Rosario+Cross – HELLO! Mirai

Something about the fourth single from Rosario+Cross feels refreshing and new. Maybe it’s the girls sensing the new year just might be their year. Maybe it’s the way the claustrophobic dance space contrasts with the wide open beach location. Maybe it’s the actual beach where a floating camera picks up the optimism and sets it on top of the golden sun in the background. Well whatever it is, Rosario+Cross have themselves a real winner with “HELLO! Mirai”, which arrives on record store bins on January 30, 2017.



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tipToe. – Tokubetsu Janai Watashi no Monogatari

New idol group released tipToe. released two promotional videos today. In this second PV (which looks like its actually the first PV) we get a bit of a story: an origin story, if you will. The girls start off separately, although we see their four uniforms hanging together. They’re just normal school girls doing normal things like practicing with drama club in the park, playing guitar on the river walk, studying on a park bench, or preparing for tipToe. club activities. The end of “Tokubetsu Janai Watashi no Monogatari” dovetails nicely into the start of “Yumebiyori“, which is a nice touch in this double promotional video day of release. Like “Yumebiyori” everything is pleasingly shot with the girls taking more of a dramatic turn. If tipToe. keeps its production value at this level, I really think we’ll be discussing them further in future days.

tipToe. – Yumebiyori

New idol group released tipToe. released two promotional videos today. In this first one, “Yumebiyori”, the girls dance in an empty school, presumably after all the students left for the day. Laced throughout, we also get solo dance shots and our girls decorating chalkboards around the campus. Firstly, this location looks right out of the picture book of perfect Japanese schools. “Yumebiyori” exudes beauty because of this locale, and also because each shot is well-composed and processed. The girls are very cute: you can see they are still new to this business, a bit shy, and counting their steps carefully. In many ways I want to say that this PV is remarkable with its unremarkableness … which to my ears sounds like it’s a job well-done. When even the commonplace is imbued with an amount of magic, something special is born.

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