Be Kind, (Promotional Video) Rewind – 20170101 to 20170107

Over at New School Kaidan, I write a few words about some of the recently released promotional videos. This is a collection of those write-ups, with a few words sometimes added after a week+ of viewing.

A huge push of promotional videos were released on this week, so this week’s Rewind is broken up into two installments. In this second installment we have Promotional videos from: Yumemiru Adolescence 1 2 (Rewind+ Exclusive), Kamen Joshi, and Honey Spice 1 2

Yumemiru Adolescence – Koi no Effect Magic


I need to start out by pointing out the shame of the region block for Yumemiru Adolescence. YumeAdo, in my opinion of course, have consistently produced some of the best idol releases of the last year-and-a-half. “Koi no Effect Magic” continues the trend with a really fun song. The girls deliver an enthusiastic chorus that I find very catchy. But then, the promotional video quickly turns from concept to behind the scenes footage. This sudden switch has the effect of making it seem as though the budget ran out for “Koi no Effect magic”. Maybe this was always the nature of the production: this version is labeled “YouTube Version”. I just know that for the shots on the set pieces, the camera looks great and the girls look even better. Although the transition mars the production a bit, I would be irresponsible if I didn’t say it, “Koi no Effect Magic” is a great song that will definitely be in my year-end rewind should I ever get one off the ground.

Yumemiru Adolescence – Idol Race


Unlike the pop of “Koi no Effect Magic”, “Idol Race” fills itself with some attitude and crunchy guitars. The girls try their hand at spitting some pretty quick lyrics through the verses before another catchy chorus. And, like its companion release, “Idol Race” transitions to “Making of” footage on this YouTube version of the PV. For the tease, the girls try out some righteous hair spinning which never gets shown through the actual production lens. We’ll all need to buy Yumemiru Adolescence’s releases to see the actual product, won’t we.

Yumemiru Adolescence’s “Koi no Effect Magic / Idol Race”!

Koi no Effect Magic

Koi no Effect Magic | CDJapan | YesAsia

Idol Race

Idol Race | CDJapan | YesAsia

Yumemiru Adolescence Official Links
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Kamen Joshi – Kamen Tairiku ~Perusonia~

Kamen Joshi’s “Kamen Tairiku ~Perusonia~ / ISUMI ~Shikisai no Machi de~” hit stores on January 3, and we’ve got the promotional video for “Kamen Tairiku ~Perusonia~” right here! I’ll be honest and say that this is actually the first Alice Project release to which I’ve paid any attention. Well, this PV is a live shot. Visually, the choreography gets a nice feature; and through this pop/metal/idol hybrid, I’m stuck wondering how those masks stay on the girls’ faces. I won’t make any confusion about my feelings about a group of girls wearing masks as a gimmick: I’m not a fan. But, when those old-school goalie masks come off, though, the contrast is nice (at the expense of some dehumanization). Everything else about this release meets my approval.


Here’s an instance where I don’t know what to say. I really don’t like those masks.

TypeA | CDJapan | YesAsia

TypeC | CDJapan | YesAsia

TypeB | CDJapan |YesAsia

TypeD | CDJapan | YesAsia

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Honey Spice – Girls Be Ambitious

Honey Spice look to make 2017 their year with this piquant new release. “Girls be ambitious”, their take on the William S. Clark‘s parting words to Japan plies on EDM sounds and buildups, but is nonetheless a a pop song. Those of you who know me know that “pop song” is not a slur for me, but in fact a great compliment. Honey Spice definitely caught me a bit off-guard with this quality release. As the group of (now) six spice girls dance in the back yard of a Western Style house (seriously, this looks like it could be in Simi Valley) the world sounds very optimistic, hopeful, and full of new flavors to test on the palate. “Girls be ambitioius” was released just two days ago, on January 3, 2017.


The number one thing I learned from “Girls be ambitious” is that we should all start paying attention to Honey Spice. I haven’t done a lot of research, but judging by this and the following PVs, some serious muscle is powering these girls. The concepts for the promotional videos are bit pedestrian for the overcrowded idol race, but this is not an inferior product. “Girls be ambitious” is: great looking girls, an upbeat song, high production value, and enthusiastically executed choreography.

Honey Spice – Don’t Let Me Go

The coupling track for Honey Spice’s “Girls be ambitious” delivers more dance grooves in an upbeat package. “Don’t let me go” features some great sounds in the mix with some dubstep flavor to rub all around. Visually, this is another warehouse dance shot promotional video. Sure the location is a bit old hat, but I can’t really deny how well this production came together for Honey Spice. The girls dance great, they execute some nice quick transition vocals, and most importantly Honey Spice looks and sounds like they mean serious business. You can find “Don’t Let Me Go” on Honey Spice’s “Girls Be Ambitious” released on January 3, 2017.


Honestly, this is the better of the two Honey Spice songs on today’s Rewind. I like the way the vocals interweave and mesh during the verses, and that’s a point in the positive column. The overall music production on “Don’t let me go” definitely carries it beyond many of the releases that float past my desk. I try not to criticize things like lens flare when I write; it’s an effect that is totally subjective. But, I have to mention how distracting this effect proved for me. Perhaps the geometry would have worked for me if the vanishing point perspective was a bit more dramatic, but such is the life and “Dont let me go”.

Buy Honey Spice’s “Girls Be Ambitious”!

Regular Edition | CDJapan |YesAsia

Limited Edition | CDJapan |YesAsia

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