Notes from the Idol PV Couch– Week 4 2017 (0129 – 0204)

Okay. I’m rebranding a bit. I just don’t want to keep looking at that damn Memorex ad anymore. The concept here is the same, so I hope you still get something new out of reading these little bits of mine. Thanks a bunch!

Over at New School Kaidan, I write a few words about some of the recently released promotional videos. This is a collection of those write-ups, with a few words sometimes added after a week+ of viewing.

This week we have Promotional videos from:
Country Girls,
Noto Arisa,
Yunomi feat. Toriena,
Lyrical Renaissance,
Kimura Tofu Ten (exclusive!),
Maria (exclusive!), and
Yamitsuki Company (exclusive!).

Country Girls – Good Boy Bad Girl

The motorcycle garage fantasy of “Good Boy Bad Girl” got a release today, and it is a ship builder’s dream. The girls pair off and sing to each other much like the guitars duel it out in the instrumentals. The Country Girls embody the titular boy/girl pairing, which means someone needs to play the bad girl girl. While this 50% of the the double A-side doesn’t have the verve of its partner (to me anyways), I do enjoy seeing the group stretch out and try new things. I know someone out there will complain about the incongruous motorcycle garage that isn’t mentioned in the lyrics, but do the visuals really need to match the lyrics exactly? I though we got over that in the 1980s. “Good Boy Bad Girl / Peanut Butter Jelly Love” vrooms into stores on February 8, 2017.

Beyond the Couch

Real talk: this isn’t my favorite Country Girls song. “Good Boy Bad Girl” doesn’t really get going until the chorus, which is a good deal better than the rest of the song. Something about the traded lines in the verses does not work for me, so I guess I should leave it there.

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Perfume – Tokyo Girl (Short Version)

In their first release of 2017, Perfume find themselves encased in elevators, racing to the top of an impossibly tall tower. Stylishly clad, their purple and green gowns feature flowing accents just to underscore the futuristic ethos of the group. To where (or what) are they really racing? What will happen when they get to the top? Intercut scenes show ground level people holding tetrahedral forms that begin to glow white. The interactivity whips people into a frenzied migration, presumably to the tower. Well, I can’t give you any answers because this is a short version of the PV. It does pique interest, though. Doesn’t it?

Beyond the Couch

There is so little here that I feel embarrassed about even writing about it. In fact, I won’t.

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Noto Arisa – pieces

Noto Arisa’s new mini-album is just about here, and the one-time Hello! Project Egg brings us the promotional video for her opening track, “pieces”. Sitting alone in a desaturated world, Arisa plays a stricken mangaka. Right when you notice how grey the world looks, life comes to brighten the corners and bring the color back into Noto Arisa’s cheeks. I don’t know why I’m always impressed about Arisa’s solo career; I shouldn’t be surprised given her hefty experience. “Dynamis World” can be found on record store shelves on February 14, 2017.

Beyond the Couch

I love it when the strings come in, and “pieces” give me strings complimenting each of Noto Arisa’s lines. Now, I’ve never been the biggest fan of Arisa’s voice. Though very serviceable I don’t find it particularly expressive. It’s a good thing Arisa has the kind of face that just oozes expression.

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YUNOMI feat. TORIENA – Oedo Controller

Yunomi and Toriena take you on an 8 bit journey featuring all your favorite vintage gaming systems. Well, that may be the idea with “Oedo Controller”. You know, of course, that I love the sound of Yunomi. The whimsical sounds and retro gaming mix together in a way that I find very pleasing. On top of the electronics are solid pop melodies that speak to me. And, with Nicamoq and Chiipeko along for the ride how can this go wrong? Unfortunately I could find any links for you to get your own copy of “Oedo Controller”. We’ll have to content ourselves with the promotional video … which isn’t a bad deal at all!

Beyond the Couch

You did see Nicamoq in this PV, right? That’s enough to earn more than a couple of watch-throughs. I should also mention that I’m becoming a bit of a fan of Yunomi’s work as well. Being an electronica illiterate I couldn’t tell you much about this in words.

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P.IDL – Atai Addicted

It would seem that P.IDL really want to see you. They want to see you so much that they are practically exploding with energy in this house interior we see in their promotional video for “Aitai Addicted”. Balloon and confetti litter the house as the girls mug for the camera … and it’s just really cute. OK, the emphasis here is clearly not their choreography. It’s their ability to entice you into seeing their lives. A bunch of non-sequitur scenes eventually culminate in a cowgirl getting spanked in the posterior with a whiffle-ball bat. I couldn’t make that up if I tried!

Beyond the Couch

I don’t know why, but P.IDL is one of those groups that slap me with the realization that the idol world is soooo much bigger than the few major agencies that dominate the market. I think there’s something lovable here: these girls are just bubbling over with enthusiasm and the chance to impress you (literally, YOU) with their charm. Just open your heart and let the love in.

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RYUTist – Blue

From their second album (released in 2016), RYUTist bring you a live shot promotional video of the tenth track. “BLUE” is a pretty song with some nice jazzy touches in its instrumentation. The song isn’t necessarily fire, but it will cool you down after a rough day. RYUTist look particularly cute on stage with their white dresses and skirts that flow with the girls’ every turn and grapevine. Be relaxed. Feel better Go RYUTist.

Beyond the Couch

I think as you read above you can see me struggling to say much about this live shot. Well, there isn’t much to say. I can say that the song “Blue” grew on my over the last week or so and now occupies a very enviable position in my big playlist in the sky. I regret not seeing RYUTist when they came to Anime Matsuri in Seattle 2014- it’s difficult traveling across the country to place where you will literally have zero friends/acquaintances. Well, enough about me just enjoy “Blue” with a nice cup of coffee.

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Lyrical Renaissance – The Cut

The latest idol collaboration puts Lyrical School together with Idol Renaissance for a cover of Base Ball Bear’s 2013 single of the same name. I have a bit of a love affair with Idol Renaissance, so this pairing really interests me greatly. Regrettably, the promotional video doesn’t provide too much variety. The array of televisions eventually make some interesting movements. But if you wanted to see some real interaction between the groups, or perhaps more than a second-hand view of a promotional video shoot, you’re going to find this PV lacking. Musically, I believe that Lyrical School gets a bit more to do than Idol Renaissance in that the song really shows off the rap talent much more than the singing talent. In other words, Idol Renaissance aren’t really given much to work with on this cover. On the bright side, “crossing the streams” always provides more opportunity, and I can’t wait to see these two groups perform together. “The Cut” arrives on shelves on February 14, 2017.

Beyond the Couch

Man, I needed this song to be more. “The Cut” is OK, but I wanted an absolute explosion. Everyone does their part great, so it’s not the fault of the girls. The PV just plays the one trick for the entire five minutes, and Idol Renaissance doesn’t get enough melody to sing themselves into your heart. That’s particularly unfortunate given the total embargo on Idol Renaissance PVs in the USA. Given this one chance to slay the Western idol fandom, and they are saddled with a song that doesn’t play to their strong suit and PV that doesn’t help anyone. I’ll stop with the lemons.

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Kimura Tofu Ten – Koi no Tofu Mental

Beyond the Couch

I’m pretty sure this group is just a promotional tool for Kimura Tofu Ten and won’t actually last long at all. But, actually I would like to see these girls continue to work. The light electronica is really great on “Koi no Tofu Mental”, and the vocals also provide bright spots in this otherwise completely commercial venture. The girls are cute, the song is cute, the vocals are cute, and the “tofu-as-love-confession” premise is whacked out enough to qualify. Total win.

Maria – Your Life

Beyond the Couch

Where has Maria been my whole life? These pint-size idols with their sunglasses and randoseru (school bag) are totally compelling! Their website mentions they are rock girls, and the guitars behind that driving beat definitely corroborates that statement. The group definitely leaves it all hanging on this dance shot for the coupling track of their third single “Teppan Girl” (which I did not review ‘cuz I’m an idiot). I love the attitude (helped tremendously by the glasses), the choreography, and the commitment to the concept. I know, I know … “JAPAN SO CRAY”. Well, this concept wouldn’t even make it past the reception room where I’m from. So please make the trip to Tokyo for this complete disregard of common sense.

Buy Maria’s “Teppen☆GIRL”!

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Yamitsuki Company – Sickness

Beyond the Couch

Nowadays I’m always surprised when a new idol/metal group pops up given the incredible proliferation of the genre. Yamitsuki Company also takes a long hit from the “yami kawaii” concept as well. And, I wouldn’t even be talking about this if I didn’t think “Sickness” actually has a bit of substance behind it. The bits of retro-gaming sound definitely adds a bit of fun to the sick-girls. I’ll also admit that these girls are really cute and this helps A LOT. Look, Yamitsuki Company are so new they don’t even have a website to flaunt. The least I could do is give them some growing space, ‘cuz they hit too many positive notes for me to ignore.

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