“Pharaoh no Haka” costume reveals!

The Morning Musume ’17 musical just released photos of the girls in costume! Here’s a look at the girls in their regalia …


(double cast)
Kudo Haruka (Taiyou no Shinden Hen)

Oda Sakura (Sabaku no Tsuki Hen)


(double cast)
Ishida Ayumi (Taiyou no Shinden Hen)

Kudo Haruka (Sabaku no Tsuki Hen)


Nonaka Miki


Fukumura Mizuki


Sato Masaki


Kaga Kaede


Makino Maria


Yokoyama Reina


(double cast)
Oda Sakura (Taiyou no Shinden Hen)

Ishida Ayumi (Sabaku no Tsuki Hen)


Iikubo Haruna


Haga Akane


Ikuta Erina


Ogata Haruna

Priest Meneph

Shiotsuki Shuu

Kes Daijin

Ogi Kei


Ishii Anna (Engeki Joshibu)

Onoda Ayasa (Engeki Joshibu)

Ichioka Reina (Kenshuusei)

Takase Kurumi (Kenshuusei)

Kiyono Momohime (Kenshuusei)

Kawamura Ayano (Kenshuusei)

Pharaoh no Haka will get 16 performances at Ikebukuro Sunshine Theater from June 2 through June 11 with a performance schedule that looks like this:

Original Work: Pharaoh no Haka by Takemiya Keiko (published by Shogakukan)
Script: Shimizu Yuuki
Director: Ota Yoshinari
Music: Wada Shunsuke
Choreography: YOSHIKO
Producer: Niwa Tamon Andrew (BS-TBS)

It’s no surprise that Kudo Haruka will play major roles in both versions of the musical. She’s been earning high praise for her talent at musicals since pretty much her debut.

What do you think of the costuming?

How about that double casting?

You know, the Kenshuusei they picked for the ensemble are very suspicious. All four of those girls are very high profile members. Perhaps this is an audition, and no one really knows about it. If one or more of these girls get a proper debut, then you heard it here first!

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