Kudo Haruka (Morning Musume ’17) Announces Graduation

10th generation member Kudo Haruka (17) will graduate from Morning Musume and Hello! Project this fall. From her statment’s translation, Duu (as she is affectionately called) plans to pursue acting in the future. Continuing as an idol with singing and dancing as a focus felt false to Kudo, and her plans to graduate were set in her mind quite firmly. As the Fall 2017 tour has not been set, the details of Kudo’s graduation are still unknown.

Haruka joined Hello! Project in 2010 as a member of the 10th generation of Hello! Project Eggs. At the time, she was 11 years old. Kudo auditioned unsuccessfully to join the Morning Musume 9th generation that same year. Then on September 29, 2011, Kudo Haruka was chosen as a member of Morning Musume’s 10th Generation with orange as her image color. Often paired with fellow 10th generation member Sato Masaki, Haruka was quickly known for her ikemen good looks and husky voice. With the group, Kudo appeared in 16 singles, 9 stage plays with 5 leading roles, 3 solo photobooks, 5 DVDs, and much more.

As fall tour tend to run until December, fans have at least 7 months to get their fill of Kudo Haruka. Please enjoy every moment.

Translation of Kudo Haruka’s message (from UP-FRONT LINK)
I, Haruka Kudo,
After the Autumn tour,
Will graduate from Morning Musume。 as well as from Hello! Project.
It has been 6 years since I became a member of Morning Musume。
It has been 8 years since I get into Hello! Project.
During this time, I had lots of experiences,
Thanks to lots of people,
I grew up to this level since I was a common and audacious primary school student.
And because I became a normal high shcool student for a little while,
I began to wonder “What do I want to do in the future now that my dream of Morning Musume。 became true?”
My answer came out quite early.
Or, I think I already had it.
I want to try the genre I found here in my career, “acting”.
I don’t want to do things halfway,
So even by saying “I want to act”, by singing and dancing as an idol as well,
I somehow thought it was disrespectful to the members and to the fans to say I do both things.
I told this feeling to the company and to my parents,
I thought a lot,
“I want to bet on what I want to do” and then decided to graduate.
During the remaining time,
I want to create many memories with the members and all the fans,
I want to be able to say “See you again!” without any regret at the end.
Please support me until the end.
Morning Musume。’17 Haruka Kudo

Up-Front Link
Hello! Project (Japanese)

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