Seran and Momoka Withdraw from Cheeky Parade

Cheeky Parade members Mizorogi Seran (20) and Kodakari Momoka (18) announced the end of their activities with the group they helped found. Through a news item on the official Cheeky Parade website on May 19, 2017, the two girls stated they will conclude their work with Cheeky Parade at the “Cheeky Parade LIVE LIVE LIVE VOL5” at Shibuya WOMB on June 9, 2017. After that date, the group will continue as a five-piece until Yamamoto Marin and Suzuki Mariya return to the group next year. No reasons were given for the two girls’ withdrawals from Cheeky Parade.

Mizurogi Seran first participated in the Avex Idol Audition 2010, where she progressed to the third round. Mizurogi and Kodakari both join iDOL Street as a 2nd generation Street-sei members in 2011. The following year, both girls were introduced as members of Cheeky Parade along with Watanabe Asami, Sekine Yuna, Shimazaki Rino, Suzuki Yuriya, Yamamoto Marin, Nagai Hina, and Suzuki Mariya. With Cheeky Parade, Seran and Momoka released eight major singles, two albums, and one mini-album.

Statement from Mizorogi Seran
Thank you to everyone who has always supported Cheeky Parade. I think everyone is really surprised by this announcement. I also think that there are many people who will not agree with this decision. I reached this decision in my own way after talking things over a lot with the other members, the staff, and my family. I have nothing but feelings of gratitude to everyone. I am truly sorry that it ended up being this result. The experience I had in Cheeky Parade, everyone who supported me, the members, everyone is big and important and I will never forget you all. Thank you for everything up until now. Please continue to support Cheeky Parade.

Statement from Kodakari Momoka
I am truly sorry for the suddenness of this announcement. I am also very sorry for making you feel sad. I thought about a lot of things when Marin and Mariya went to study abroad. After having many discussions with the members and staff, I was able to select my own path. I think that there are a lot of people thinking things like, “Why now?” or “What kind of timing is this?”. I think this is a selfish decision. I am very sorry. I was only able to come this far thanks to everyone. Thank you for loving someone like me who was unskilled and failed so many times. I will never forget these past 5 years as long as I live. Thank you for supporting me all this time.

Watanabe Asami
To everyone who has always supported us, I am truly sorry for surprising you. These 2 talked things over with the other members so many times but as things piled up, this is how it ended up. From June 10th we will keep going as 5 members, awaiting the return of Marin and Mariya from LA, and will be working our hardest to be able to pay back everyone’s kindnesses.

Sekine Yuna
To everyone who has supported Cheeky Parade, I apologize for surprising you all with this sudden announcement. It is truly unfortunate but, in the end, Seran and Momo will be walking a different path. From then, as 5 members we will wait for Marin and Mariya. There is uncertainty but, I will work my hardest to make Cheeky Parade bigger so, please give us your support.

Shimazaki Rino
Dear fans,
First of all, as far as surprising everyone with the sudden announcement.
I am very, very sorry.
From now un, as we wait for Marin and Mariya to return from overseas we will be walking forward as 5 members with all our might. Please continue to support us.

Suzuki Yuriya
I am so sorry that we could not deliver on the promise of, “Let’s stand on a big stage as 9 again!”.
Until Marin and Mariya return we will be active as 5 members. We will be working our hardest to meet Marin and Mariya-chan so, please continue to look after us! Finally, thank you for supporting Seran and Momo all this time.

Nagai Hina
I apologize to everyone for the sudden announcement.
These 2 discussed things with the members in LA as well as all the other members.
Finally, I want to respect the decision that they have made.
We will be active as 5 members from June 10th so I humbly ask for continued support.

Yamamoto Marin
Thank you for supporting Cheeky Parade all the time.
I feel sorry that we cannot show you Cheeky Parade with 9 members anymore, and it is sad to be honest, but I will do my best so that you can keep supporting us even we become 7 members. I will work harder for filling Seran and Mimoka’s positions. I’ll be counting on you.

Suzuki Mariya
I really miss it when I imagine we cannot say “WE ARE THE GREATEST NINE9” and “Saiko NINE9”, however, we two in L.A. and five members in Japan, both teams will do the best even after Seran and Momoka leave. I appreciate your continued support for Cheeky Parade.

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translations from Tokyo Girls’ Update

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