The ℃-ute PV retrospective #5

℃-ute is going to disband on June 12, 2017. But before they do, I’m going to run through all of the group’s promotional videos for you. If I had to pick a set of videos to take with me on my deserted island trip, this particular set from ℃-ute might make the cut. If the group did not continue to bigger and better things, this set alone would put them at the top of the idol game. Did I mention my great affection for these PVs?

Dance de Bakoon!

Now we’re getting the spicy stuff! The group really finds its balance starting from “Dance de Bakoon!” The choreography may include the awkward “turn around and bend over” move, but I’m not sure many people were complaining by this point. Even thought the vocals mostly distribute like a later day “FOREVER LOVE”, Okai Chisato nails her lines solidly. Couple this with her enourmously popular solo dances (Chisato dances “Massara Blue Jeans” in her bedroom!), and you have the third leg of a tripod for group.

Aitai Lonely Christmas

The most notable thing I have to say about “Aitai Lonely Christmas” is my memory of hearing this song on repeat during the Morning Musume 9th Generation auditions. Vocally, the song is much more balanced than the previous single with major contributions from all the girls- maybe Up FRONT felt bad about heaping all the lines on Maimi/Airi. Maybe UF realized the group would need to keep all the members engaged if ℃-ute was to last. Whatever ahppened, I’m glad it did.

Kiss me Aishiteru

OK LET’S DO THIS! The gold jackets and purple hot pants? The acres of midriff and hip thrust choreography. “Kiss me Aishiteru” is the first place where ℃-ute really looks like ℃-ute . The choreography kills on so many levels, and the three main vocals of Maimi, Airi, and Chisato gives the group put the group a cut above their peers. Have I mentioned how fun this song is to see live?

Momoiro Sparkling

Another favorite of mine (two in a row!). The song is just great fun with the girls in casual wear and squirting water in our faces. I’m not even gonna talk about all the legs (or should I say L-egs?). The levitating trick used in some of the cuts are a nice touch, as are the colored ball drops. I feel like this is one of those songs where I think “if you don’t have even a little bit of love for “Momoiro Sparkling” then do you really like idols?”.

Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko

“Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko” feels like the closing act of the “Kiss Me/Momoiro/Sekaiichi” trilogy of songs. I think the girls were on a real tear with these three releases. The color-keyed mini rooms and floorings? GREAT. The leg pull choreography? INSPIRED. Musically, I’ve always enjoyed listen to the bass guitar parts for this song, but I know not all of you get off on that kind of thing. At this point (2011) I remember thinking “Jeez! ℃-ute just keeps getting better!” Maybe the group stepped up their game because the 9th and 10th generation infused Morning Musume threatened to bury the group into obscurity. Maybe it all just came together for them at this one moment in time. Maybe both. Whatever the reasons, this is the ℃-ute we got and the entire idol world was better for it.

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One response

  1. Ahh, this batch of PVs do get the crowds hyped in concerts! I didn’t fully appreciate “Sekai Ichi” until I saw the live performances. That leg-pulling move! Plus everything about the song and dance was so cute.

    And aaahhh, Dance de Bakon! I remember how much everyone loved the line distribution and just how well-balanced these five ladies seemed. It’s like they’ve reached another level of bond and synch and it shows so much in this PV.

    I miss girly, twin-tail Chissa, so Momoiro Sparkling is a gem, hahah.

    I loved Aitai Lonely Christmas, though what a sad Christmas the ladies had?? The setting and outfits suited them really well though. Though they still seemed to struggle with emoting sadness at this point in time.

    Kiss me Aishiteru! Waaahhh. Other than the hot pants and just such a mature/sexy turn in image and sound though, I love how delighted Chissa looked in this PV. She was workin’ the camera!


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