The ℃-ute PV retrospective #10

Before the ℃-ute says its proper goodbyes, they released this look at where things might have gone if they chose to stay in Up FRONT as a non-idol act. We know from the girls that this option was on the table for them, so it’s likely that the tracks on today’s installment were a Starting with a notable album track from the FANTASTIC “℃maj9” album, we get the A-sides from the group’s 29th single today. ℃-ute get a bit experimental with this release, and the composers show their roots off with some send ups to the American music scenes of yesteryear. Also included is an absolutely sparkling production of Tsunku song for the mature set of ears.

Iron Heart

This album track from “℃maj9” (C Major Ninth) follows along the same lines as “Gamusha LIFE”, which should figure since SHOCK EYE is the man behind the composition and songwriting for both songs. You knew the budget for this promotional video was bound to be sparse given the nature of the release. That said, the song is full of good feelings with lyrics that feel as though ℃-ute are singing about ℃-ute. Even though the audio is not live audio (perhaps a pet peeve for some people), we get a look at a ℃-ute while they are at the top of their game. Energetic and full of smiles and with a minimum of choreography, “Iron Heart” feels like getting closer to the group than many of their showier songs.

Naze Hito wa Arasoundarou?

Sparkling dresses and long gloves, ℃-ute never looked more elegant than in “Naze Hito wa Arasoundarou?”. The song is a bit out of the comfort zone for the girls, yet they look right at home in front of the microphone stands like a 1960’s girl group. The peaceful message and gospel background singers may sound on paper like a slice of Velveeta, but I think the song is a nice change for the group. And, why not a throw back to the golden age of girl groups? You know how much Tsunku adores the 60’s!

Summer Wind

I think this is one of the crowning achievements of ℃-ute and Tsunku. Now, this isn’t one of those barn-burners that we’re accustomed to from ℃-ute. “Summer Wind” ‘s blissful melodies and sounds seem to float along with the breeze over a set of sounds that are familiar yet strange. I love the way the chorus descends and descends until it decidees to lift itself up again like a bird riding the thermals. The girls look brilliant in their black and white dresses with small details of colors breaking up the visual plane. I’m always impressed when groups can keep their choreography together on songs where the pulse of the music isn’t a punch in the face. Along those same lines, did I mention how much I love the sounds inthis arrangement? I wanna shake the hands of the programmer who put this song together. I also want to walk barefoot with ℃-ute on the beach wearing my Sunday clothes … and only one of those wishes has a chance of coming true.

Jisei wa STEP!

Keeping with the unfamiliar, ℃-ute work this jazzy number into their repertoire. With leggy choreograhpy and vocals filled with blue notes, I can only imagive how foreign this song (and “naze Hito wa Arasoundarou?”) must have felt to girls who grew up listening to J-pop and making their trade from J-pop. As alien as the song feels amid the rest of the girls’ catalog, I like how this released pushed the girls out of their comfort zones. Maybe predictably, ℃-ute saw a little dip in sales with their 29th single. But, if you can’t experiment with your sound, then what’s the point … and that’s my philosophy.

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One response

  1. The triple-A of Naze Hito wo Arasoundarou?-Summer Wind-Jinsei wa STEP! really showed off how versatile the girls have gotten. I love Summer Wind for the fact that it’s such a different sound Tsunku’s playing with, Jinsei because the girls sounded great vocally and seemed to have had a lot of fun recording it too. Naze really feels like a throwback, and the girls sound amazing too.

    Iron Heart feels like a sound they rarely go back to with the girls now – given that they aren’t “cute” and squeaky anymore.. but there were instances where it felt like the young ℃-ute was back in that song for me.


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