The number 244 was created as an outlet for my personal views on (mainly) Japanese pop idols.  As I am writing this, I am mainly a fan of the Hello! Project brand.  I have my favorite girls, just like everybody else.  Should anyone stick around for more than a minute, they could probably figure out which girls I like more than the others.  I’ll make no apology for my likes and bias.  Although it is not the only thing I listen to, I find myself having more fun with idols than other musical products.  This is not a news site: I probably will not write about every major happening in the idol world.  I also do not pretend that any of my viewpoints are factual.  I am in love with music and sound.

Some trivia:

  • I live in the Los Angeles area
  • I used to play in a few bands- indie rock and ska bands
  • I went to a performing arts high school
  • I play (mainly) guitar, drums, and trombone
  • I do not speak Japanese or Korean
  • How can you deny this or this


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