The ℃-ute PV retrospective #11

Can you believe we’re almost done here? In this penultimate installment, ℃-ute deliver to us an absolutely classic- artistic, layered, and well-executed. Like “Summer Wind” from yesterday, I’ll put this song in a vault containing all my favorites and bury it for some intrepid intergalactic explorer to find after man’s eventual nuclear winter. Too dark? OK, well, that song is …

Mugen Climax

Before starting here, you should know that I am a huge fanboy of Oomori Seiko, the composer and songwriter for “Mugen Climax”. In fact, there is nothing about this song and promotional video that I find disagreeable. The costumes, those military inspired backs and rag dresses appear appropriately surreal. Then the choreography! The girls get plenty of opportunity for individual skills and solo appeal, while the group choreography fills itself with ripple upon ripple. The old European elegance of the set feels dreamlike to me living in sunny California- familiar, yet foreign. Put this one on the short list of idol classics. It’s absolutely brilliant! Continue reading