Qki fun in Hawaii

Summer is almost here. I can feel the sun heat up the city; it’s rays are growing stronger by the day. To help bring us back into the summer state of mind, here are more pictures of the Q-ki enjoying their last visit in Hawaii!

(a good number of these are from pound66 at tumblr. you can tell from the watermark. props to you, sir)

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Alo! Hello 6 Part 4- Ten-ki

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Beach Boys Musume anyone?  In this last installment, we are looking at the 10th generation members.  I can’t really get a good feel for the 10th generation.  I know Haruna loves JoJo (I’m still planning on watching the new anime version of this), Ayumi is a crazy good dancer who does a good dramatic chipmunk impersonation, Masaki is just a talented kid who  likes to hug Reina, and Haruka is husky voice Tsundere.  I’m still waiting for the one break-out moment where an outpouring of love bonds me to one of the girls.  There’s a lot less Ten-ki stuff floating around.  This is probably because their photobook is still forthcoming.   That doesn’t mean we can’t have a look at the girls.

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Alo! Hello 6 Part 3- Q-ki

img2012122523484067(1) gJHkt

Look at them, eating their shave ice.  Have you ever had shave ice?  Every time I go to Hawaii, I make a point to eat as much shave ice as I can.  Even though there are some great places to get shave ice in Los Angeles, it never tastes as good as on the islands.  But I digress.

Does anyone, has anyone, can anyone look as enraptured at the expectation of shave ice in their mouth as Mizuki?  Kanon looks like we caught her mid-bite, Eripon is putting on her cute face (and what a cute face it is- FOREHEAD!), and Riho doesn’t get much of a shot with her profile and sharing the frame with … that.  Her look is almost pornographic, I’m serious.

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Alo! Hello 6 part 2- Rokkies


Did you know that the remaining Rokkies are my favorite Rokkies?  I loved Miki’s voice and personality but never got a chance to truly LOVE her.  Eririn never clicked for me.  But, Reina’s bad-assery and Sayu’s transparent cute personality really get me.  My first exposure to their hijinks was their “waiting for the bus” bit on Alo! Hello 2, which is timely considering the content of this post (for the life of me, I cannot find any links to their bus skit!!)  They are like heads and tails, punch and a kiss, slap and a tickle.

Look at them, floating off into the sunset …


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Alo! Hello 6 part 1


One of the first things that I watched as a fan of Morning Musume was the Alo! Hello 2. Yossi was in charge, and she really seemed like a woman hanging around with a bunch of teens. In a stroke of genius, pairs of the girls (minus Miki, who stayed at home to give advice as the “base”) were scattered around Oahu, given a few tasks, and ultimately had to find their way home. VERY entertaining. Except for the Berryz Kobo “van rapist man“, there has not been an Alo! Hello release as entertaining as this DVD.  Will the girls strike gold again with Alo! Hello 6?  I won’t know until I see the goods myself.

Recently a lot of screen caps from this release have come online.  There are so many screen caps, that I’m breaking this into a four-part series.  Right here, we’ll see screen caps of the girls together.  In the subsequent three posts, we’ll take a (ahem) closer look at each generation.  So by a show of hands, WHO’S WITH ME?!


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Lots of Alo! Hello

[Many of the screen caps come from Beautiful Song Lyrics]

Alo! Hello time!  As December freezes the hell out of us Northern Hemisphere folk, I thought we should take a look at Morning Musume enjoying their Hawaiian days from summer 2012.  Not much to say … all the girls look great give or take an unfortunate hair style or bikini choice.
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