Kobushi Factory’s Fujii Rio announces her graduation

Fujii Rio (18), sub-leader of Kobushi Factory (こぶしファクトリー), announced her intention to graduate from her group and Hello! Project this morning. Via a translated statement, the founding member of Kobushi Factory expressed desire to follow her childhood dream of working as a teacher or nurse. Rio, who is from Aichi, plans to graduate this summer with the Hello! Project Summer Concert Tour, which runs from July 15 in Osaka to September 2 in Hiroshima (the tour will stop in Aichi on August 26 and 27). Rio will continue activities with Kobushi Factory and participate in the “Live Tour 2017 Spring ~PROGRESSIVE~“, the 4th Kobushi Factory single release “Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa / Ee ja nai ka Ninja nai ka” (June 14), and the release of the “JK Ninja Girls” movie (July 17). Continue reading

Kudo Haruka (Morning Musume ’17) Announces Graduation

10th generation member Kudo Haruka (17) will graduate from Morning Musume and Hello! Project this fall. From her statment’s translation, Duu (as she is affectionately called) plans to pursue acting in the future. Continuing as an idol with singing and dancing as a focus felt false to Kudo, and her plans to graduate were set in her mind quite firmly. As the Fall 2017 tour has not been set, the details of Kudo’s graduation are still unknown. Continue reading

Suzuki Kanon- The Graduate

Details for Suzuki Kanon’s graduation concert have finally been released through the Hello! Project official website. Zukki gets a graduation on May 31, 2016 at Budokan. I think many are releived that Kanon’s graduation locale is set at the storied venue in the light of Sayashi Riho’s seemingly rushed graduation event at the “Hello! Project COUNTDOWN PARTY 2015 ~GOOD BYE & HELLO!~”. The event also relieves the worry at all future graduations would be held on the now annual Countdown Party.

In my previous article on Suzuki Kanon, I mentioned that she has never been my favorite Morning Musume member. But, I think her time and efforts in the group should be rightly rewarded with a graduation ceremony that befits her five years in the group and her part in resurrecting the once-stagnant idol group. I believe that a graduation at Budokan for Suzuki Kanon is appropriate. Hell, Morning Musume performs at Budokan on a regular basis lately. Anything smaller than Budokan for a graduation is just silly- just ask Riho.

At the moment, there is no information about Memorial videos, a Zukki bus tour, or anything of that ilk. A fan Suzuki Kanon Graduation Project materialized expectedly, and you can definitely take part in that (disclaimer: TheNumber244 is not affiliated with the project in any capacity).

Source: Hello! Project website

When the green leaves your cheeks

In a season rife with change, the latest graduation announcement comes from Hello! Project. And, it’s a big announcement. Almost as soon as the red glitter is brushed from the floor from Sayashi Riho’s graduation, another 9th generation Morning Musume graduation is announced. Suzuki Kanon leaves the group this spring. Specifically, Zukki last performance with the group will be the concluding performance of Morning Musume ’16’s “~Emotion in Motion~” tour. So far the date looks to be May 22 at the NHK Osaka Hall in Osaka, although additional dates may be added.

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Sayashi Riho Announces Her Graduation from Morning Musume

Surely by now you’ve already heard the news. Sayashi Riho, the center of Morning Musume for the roughly the last 3 ½ years holds her graduation concert on the last day of 2015. On December 31, with all of Hello! Project in attendance at Nakano Sun Plaza, RihoRiho takes center stage for the last time. From what I understand, Sayashi had the option of graduating on the last day of the current “Morning Musume. ’15 Concert tour Aki ~ PRISM ~” on December 8 in Nippon Budokan, but instead she chose the smaller venue. Perhaps the drama of a “year-end to end all year-ends” proved too irresistible. When the time comes, Sayashi Riho will have served in Hello! Project for 1,824 days, or just shy of 5 years.

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