Christmas Idol Heaven – Young Gangan 2015 No.24

You remember Christmas Idol Heaven last year, right? Well, we got the same thing going on in 2015, with some of the more popular idols in idoldom lending their assistance. Santa’s little helpers indeed!
Let’s get things started!

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Gonna miss Mano Erina

Mano Erina was the first idol I ever saw live- during the “Kai Ki- Tales of Terror” premiere here in Los Angeles in 2010.  I remember that she was more beautiful in person than I could have imagined.  One of first idol events on the timeline that I remember was the announcement of Mano Erina’s solo career.    I remember seeing Erina’s backup dancers become S/mileage, her once-trademarked piano slowly get left behind, and her hair shockingly cut down.  Soon I will see her say goodbye to the idol life- and the circle will complete itself.  I’ll probably write more about Mano Erina as her graduation comes closer- I’m thinking about highlighting my favorite Mano videos.  For now, enjoy the photos of this stunningly gorgeous young lady.

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Maimi x Airi

Maimi x Airi 1

You know, when I started writing this site, I told myself that I wouldn’t write a lot about bikini photo shoots and magazine spreads. Now look at me. At least I have good reason. These pictures of Maimi and Airi at an outdoor shower are the freakin’ bomb. It’s leaving the cute territory and heading toward HAWT-land. Check them out, please!

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