Ikuta Erina turns 17! A Photographic Retrospective

Happy birthday to my dear kyuukie! If you didn’t know, July 7 is Ikuta Erina’s birthday. Rather than wax poetic on the virtues of Eripon, I thought I would take us on a trip down memory lane. Let’s all look back through photos of Eripon in her Morning Musume single outfits, shall we? I’ll start with her latest photos and work back to the very beginning of Ikuta Erina in Morning Musume. Then I’ll put her latest photo together with an early photo so we can all marvel at the difference 3.5 years can make.
“Toki o Koe Sora o Koe”

“Password is 0”
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Ikuta Erina 16th Birthday Event

Look at that! Another event for Ikuta Erina! AND, we have audio clips from the event! Even though she is virtually absent in every Morning Musume single, this girl manages to wrangle up solo events for her wota. Eripon has managed a solo bus tour in Hawaii, her infamous Niigaki Risa bus tour Wotapon extravaganza (OK, that was really a Niigaki event), and the Niigaki fan club event (also a Niigaki event). Am I forgetting any other events? Continue reading

Happy Birthday Ikuta Erina!

It’s not everyday that a girl turns 16, you know. I can’t really take too much time to write how and why she is my favorite idol since I am running to Anime Expo today. Eripon was the first girl I saw in the 9th generation auditions, and it’s been love at first sight. Something about her smile just draws me in and makes me smile. I hope Eripon continues to make us smile for a long time. Enjoy the Pic Spam!

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Happy birthday Watanabe Mayu

Well, I feel uncomfortable writing this since it’s not about a Hello! Project idol. But, one would be a fool to overlook the charms of Watanabe Mayu. I confess that I really enjoyed her last solo single “Hikari Monotachi” … something about her being a cyborg. I’m sure the AKB people will fill me in plenty on this running gag.

She’s 19 now! Happy birthday to you; you sexy cyborg idol. And to celebrate, there will be much eyecandy!
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